Monday, April 9, 2012

Just some Easter highlights

We had a beautiful Saturday. 

I got up early, with the sun, and slipped out while all my guys were still sleeping, enjoying the absolute quiet of an empty car as I ran errands to prepare for the weekend. 

Later in the morning Jarrod left to help set up for our church's Easter Eggstravaganza (lunch and an egg hunt for the community) while I spent some time helping my boys color these innocent little eggs. 

 The one in the front with the arms and hair, the one that appears to be screaming, was designed by Greyson. That's my fav. 

And see the one that says 'Grace'? I asked my kids if any of them knew what that word meant, and when Haydn nailed it on his first try it nearly made me cry. 

Grace means undeserved kindness.

And that is what this weekend is all about.

After the eggs, we went to the Eggstravaganza (I love me a good pun) where I helped in the face-painting booth, because I am famed far and wide for my superior shark-painting skills 

and not because I was late and they didn't have anything else for me to do.

Then after that we headed over to Easter dinner with Jarrod's family. Yes, it was a busy busy day. 

But such a good one. 

The cousins are all getting older and I don't know how many more years we have before hunting eggs is no longer cool.

So we enjoyed every minute of it, hiding and finding the eggs at least five different times. 

Undeserved kindness, indeed.


  1. Awesome photos! Glad you had a great Easter! =)

  2. cutest pictures ever! been missing your blog posts, keep 'em coming.

  3. The boys are so cute! Glad to hear Easter was a great one for you all.

  4. It looked like a fun filled day with family and friends.

    So many great photos too.

    PS As long as there is lots of chocolate involved, I have a feeling the older kids won't "mind" getting involved :P

  5. the sun glare pictures are to die for!! (we need more sunny days) :-)

  6. These pictures are all so gorgeous! Such cute kids! :) Loved the crazy eggs, too.


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