Friday, April 6, 2012

'Fess Up Friday~ April Fools

It has been so long since I've blogged, I don't even know where to start. I thought about telling you what we've been doing for the last four months, because that is seriously how long it's been since I've written a post, but that would take forever. 

Then I thought of a quote from one of my favorite movies. 

"Let me 'splain.... No, there is too much..... let me sum up." (said with a Spanish accent) 

100 meaningless points if you can name that film. 

Then I thought, you know, it's the first Friday of the month, and most of what I have to say is going to sound like a confession of some sorts anyways, so why the heck not. 

Let's do this thing. 


Jarrod has been working hard to brainwash encourage our youngest son in his passion for cars. 

Here they are watching you-tube videos on the new Ferrari. Just look at his face.

This little man loves cars. He wants to know how they work and whenever I'm on my laptop he wants me to put on the "car show," by which he does not mean the animated movie, he means the British version of Top Gear.

The only problem with this, is that the 2-year-old is entirely too observant. 

I let him out to play yesterday, even though it was sloppy and cold, because I was thinking that he couldn't get into too much trouble in a snowy backyard. 


The boy took it upon himself to find the lone gas can that had somehow been left outside the shed...

and then proceeded to gas up his trike. 

Luckily I smelled him as soon as he came in the door so I was able to decontaminate the boy, but his beloved boots have been banished outside until I can decide what to do with them.

Hopefully they don't explode.

 I recently started going to the community center to workout again. 

It has helped me regain my sanity.

My boys get to socialize with other kids thanks to some seriously amazing "playcare" workers, and I get an hour or so all to myself. 

Some days I bring a notebook and spend the hour writing, because I like to write, and I had forgotten that. 

Some days I bring my laptop and catch up on my Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. 

And some days, I actually work out, and then I have to send texts like this to my husband as soon as the class is over. 

Remember last year when I cleaned out my pantry and I told you about those canisters that I love?

Well, it has come to my attention that Better Homes & Gardens has created a knockoff version for half the price that they sell at Walmart. 

Whoo to the hoo!

I had myself a little organizing jamboree in the kitchen and prettied up my pantry and baking supplies. 

Ignore the tapioca that is still in it's packaging... nobody is perfect.

A few days later I went out for a girl's night, and late in the evening my husband texted me the following picture.


His text said "So I tried making oatmeal cookies. It says 1 cup of butter or 2.5 sticks. I used the latter. Big mistake. You should have seen the four little faces staring in the oven, saying "Can we fix them?"" 

I thought this was so weird, but blamed it on the excess butter. 

However, on April Fool's Day of all days, I woke up to my husband waving one of my newly organized containers in my face. 

"What is this?" he demands. 

Me: Oh, that's powdered sugar.


Me: Because it used to be all-purpose flour, but I swapped containers. It's pretty easy to tell it's powdered sugar so I didn't change the label. 

Him: But it says all-purpose flour! This is what I made those cookies out of! I almost just made pancakes out of it too!

Me: Oh.


Wait, come back. I'm not laughing.

Ok, I'm laughing, but seriously, that is funny.

April fools?


  1. I am dying over your text conversation! You are the best.

    You are also a storage enabler. Twice now.

    It hasn't really been four months since you've blogged, has it? I was sure I had you beat at 3 months. Maybe I should break my streak with my first confessions post. But any time I try to think of some, they are so boring compared to yours!

  2. ah, what a SUPERB way to start out the Friday! :) You've got a knack for presentation, girl.

    Thanks for the smiles.

    I added those canisters from Wal Mart to my pinterest board about a month ago when I was searching for some cost efficient options for a client - let me know how you like them! :)


  3. You are back! Hoo to the Woo!

    I think you are the bee's knees.

  4. I KNOW THAT MOVIE!!! PRINCESS BRIDE!! I WANT THOSE POINTS!!! :D Okay... gonna go finish reading the post and I'll comment again, I'm sure. ;) I'm so happy you're blogging again!!! I was just thinking about you while looking at my blogroll thingy. I've missed your posts!

  5. Hilarious! You always crack me up with all of you goings on. I was just thinking this morning 'I haven't seen a post from Kira in awhile. I hope they are all fine.'. Now if I could just pick those winning lottery numbers all would be spiffy. Have a great Easter! :)

  6. HAHAAAA!!! love this! And SERIOUSLY!!!! We are always on the same wavelength somehow! Our pantry is in serious need of reorganization but I couldn't think of how I wanted to do it. GENIUS!!! I don't know why I didn't think of those containers! It's probably because you did it for me and my brain is fried enough. So, THANK YOU!!!

  7. That is too much with the all purpose flour/powdered sugar! You made him think he's a lousy baker :-) Now how are you going to get yummy homemade CCC by your husband! (OK totally impressed he would even try, M would never do that!) Did you read YHL (young house love) april fools, I was laughing pretty hard.....

  8. Loved your post as always! I was so happy when I saw that you had a new post on bloglovin'.

    I'm still trying to get my blogging mojo back, but at the same time, I'm totally happy with how I've been spending my time instead of being on the computer (I am trying to break my habit of spending too long on a post, and all the sidetracked Internet surfing I do afterwards!!)'s a tough one.

  9. Ha, YAY Natalie for the winning the 100 meaningless points. YES, it's Princess Bride!

    And thanks to all you other lovely friends for somehow still being around to read this post even after months of silence.

  10. I am crying with laughter! I love the conversation about the flour. I can totally see your expressions, which makes it so much better.
    I also really enjoyed the text messages. They reflect a real family having fun. I have the exact same approach to (ahem, darting eyes nervously back and forth) farting in public.
    You guys are cool. I like you.

  11. Oh how I've missed you. Reading your blog is like candy for my soul. Except nourishing too... LOVE the texts and the powdered sugar... AND the little boys Easter egg hunts, and the car wash, and the 'gas' event... you are awesome and I am so glad God made you!

  12. Oh my husband and I just died laughing at this one! Sooo funny!!!


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