Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Wednesday List

Well, hey there 2012! 

This is my first post of the year and it was going to be Ten on Tuesday but..... it's not Tuesday anymore, which makes it harder. 

Time to just jump in with a Wednesday list.

1. Our Christmas and New Years were great. I still haven't blogged any of my Christmas photos (probably get to that this summer) but here are a few shots from New Years Eve. 

We kept it low-key this year, just a party at home with family, but we did try out a couple new ideas that were fun and will most likely become traditions. 

Thanks to this great post from Our Best Bites, I stripped our Christmas tree and turned it into a New Year tree, covered with noise-making devices for midnight. 

Hats, horns, blowers, balloons to pop filled with coins and jokes and little clappers. Good stuff.

We had breakfast for dinner (easy peasy French Toast Casserole and an egg/potato bake type thing)

Because you want to make sure you are nicely inflated with carbs and bacon before you start your diet and exercise regimen on January 1, yes? 

We stayed up till midnight playing games and darts, watching movies, and snacking. Then as the ball dropped in New York (or at least a previously-recorded version of it for us Pacific timezone folks) we shouted and popped balloons and made far too much noise. 

And then someone popped one of Greyson's balloons on accident.

And then blamed Rowan, resulting in the first pouty lip of 2012.

And we decided the New Year's party was over.

(seriously, that lip cracks me up... I may frame this picture and hang it in his bedroom... or maybe in the corner where we do timeouts)

2. Whether I'm recording it or not, life keeps chugging along in this house. My "baby" reminds me every day that he is "...not a baby! I a big boy! I am four." (for the record, he's not four... and he's still a baby)

He has taught himself a new life skill.

The good news is that if he ever gets left in the jungle (a definite possibility with all the fits he's been throwing) and has to survive on oranges, he will be okay. The bad news is that he doesn't even like oranges that much... he just likes to peel them. Consequently, I have been getting excess amounts of Vitamin C, thank you Mr. B. 

3. Instead of doing a January organizing challenge, like last year, I decided to read a couple of eBooks. 

One Bite at a Time by Tsh Oxenreider is only $5 (available for download as an ebook, or for Kindle or nook) and so far it's great. Each "bite" is only one or two pages, so you can go through them at your own pace, in any order. I think what I like best about this book is that it's a compilation of all her best tips from her popular blog Simple Mom, as well as from other sources (including the book I've been trying to finish, Eat That Frog

I've decided to start with the sections on meal planning (so far so good!) and how to make a daily to-do list that works for you. 

The other e-book I started reading is FREE. It's called Maximizing Your Mornings from Kat at Inspired to Action.  All you have to do to get it is follow her blog, either through a reader or by email. The link to download is at the end of each post. This little book is a great motivator to get up, get moving, and get praying before your family is awake. I'm pretty good about getting up early, but I'm challenging myself to be consistent with it this year and to really dedicate those hours in the quiet and dark of the morning to exercising, reading my Bible, and worship. 

4. We packed up all our Christmas paraphernalia a couple weeks ago, but I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to my glittery gold stars, which I got  last year on after-Christmas clearance. 

So I snuck them into our January decor. 

5. We've been having an unusually mild and dry winter, so the boys were excited to see a skiff of snow yesterday.

While the Bigs were in school, the Littles bundled up and headed outside to play.

Then they flopped down on their bellies and started spastically kicking their arms and legs.

And I realized I have failed as a mother.

Our 'snow angel' technique needs some serious work. 

Happy Wednesday everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. awe - I've missed your post! Your not kidding me sister - You've been "pinning" just like me - ha ha. Happy New year!

  2. You should zoom in on his lip and fram just that! Because it's priceless or precious or both.

  3. The New Year's Eve tree is fun...I'm tucking that one away for a future party : ) Even when pouting he is adorable!

  4. the drama of the Popped Balloon Tragedy and then the pouty lip made me laugh … cutest pouty pic EVER :o)

  5. You are SO brave to let your kiddos to stay up until midnight! :)

    What fun!

    I would do it if I could be *certain* the boys wouldn't wake up at their usual 'crack 'o dawn' rooster time and then be in constant state of FUNK the whole of the following day...(our youngest in-particular will always wake at the same time in the morning no matter when he's gone to bed)

    BTW - my baked french toast didn't come out nearly as pretty as yours...wonder what I did wrong??
    The directions said to pour the egg mixture over the bread in the baking dish, but I wonder if it would have been a better choice to dip each one individually instead...
    ah well - still tasted pretty yummy! :)


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