Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. We always go to J's parents' house for Thanksgiving, so today I am cooking our own turkey dinner, because I want my own fridge full of leftovers so that I can eat turkey until I go into a coma. 

2. I am using my mother's tried-and-true turkey-cooking method that involves putting the bird in the night before and cooking it at 170 degrees for about 12-18 hours. And that's it. Because the oven temp is so low, it is impossible to overcook the bird. Fool proof, which is just how I like my recipes. 

3. I'm also making Pioneer Woman's sweet potatoes (already done and waiting to be reheated in the fridge), PW's mashed potatoes (which may single-handedly raise my cholesterol), creamed brussel sprouts (turns them into little green gumballs. I could eat the whole pan myself) and chocolate cream pie for desert. 

4. I also made plans to have a friend over to make lotion bars today.

5. I'm thinking this may not have been the best scheduling of my homemaking career, but we're just going to hope for the best. And we may have to skip the pie. That's probably not a bad thing. 

6. My 4-year-old is going through a 'wolf boy' phase. He is rarely in human mode, and when I went to get him from Sunday School yesterday at church his teacher told me that "Wolf Man" was very good in class although his claws hindered him a little bit during the activities. 

7. I haven't read a book in over three weeks. This has to be some kind of record for me. 

8. Greyson informed me yesterday that one of his children will someday be named "Alexander Missile-Torch" I asked him why, to which he replied 'Eh, good name. It's just a really good name."  Silly me. 

9. My husband has wrapped up the long season of work at our plant nursery, just in time for the snow to fly. Yesterday was his first official day home with us and it was amazing... at least for me. He's already talking about applying for seasonal work at Starbucks. 

10. I watched two documentaries this week that got me all riled up and made every conspiracy theorist hair on my head stand up.  Burzynski and Waiting for Superman. If you haven't seen them, you should. 

That is all. 

Or is it?

Bonus fact!

11. After much hmmm'ing and haaaaa'ing, we broke down and bought ourselves a new espresso machine for the house (when it was on super sale last week). It's arriving in the mail today and Jarrod and I have been listening for the rumble of the UPS truck as if it were Santa's sleigh. Take that Stinkybucks. Take that. 


  1. Happy Cooking! Brussel sprouts are one of my favorite parts of the meal. I can't believe I despised them as a child.

    What are lotion bars?

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a great dinner at your house. Gotta love the leftovers in your own fridge! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of your family. :)

  3. Thanks! Joyce, lotion bars are made from coconut oil, beeswax, and raw shea butter. It's basically homemade lotion that hardens into a bar. You can pour it into molds, but I just used a muffin pan. Then you rub the bar on your skin and it moisturizes just like liquid lotion (only a bazillion times better)

  4. Why, oh WHY did you have to link up to PW's mashed potato recipe? I read it in full and am now obligated.

    I really want to make my most favorite sweet potato recipe, but my MIL volunteered to bring sweet potatoes and I'm trying not to be a controlling micro-manager. So I'll have to save them for Christmas.

    And now I'm even more mad at myself for forgetting until today to remove the turkey from the freezer. I totally would have tried your mom's method. :P

    You should borrow my Lego brick molds and make some little lotion bars for the boys' stockings...

  5. I have passed along the Liebster Blog award to you! Please come over and check it out. :)

    Also, Alexander Missle-Torch *is* a pretty cool name. ;)

  6. hey girl! i did a fess up today and was going to link up, but it says the linking is closed. ?? z

  7. How is that new espresso machine working for you? :)


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