Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Hey, there. Remember me? No, my computer did not break down. I did not get lost on the way home from Portland. I did not fall in a manhole. I did not run away and join the circus (although tempting, but I could just walk into my living room for that)~  I'm still here. I'm just.... taking a chill pill. 

I didn't even 'Fess Up last Friday, just to see what would happen.

And guess what~ nothing did! 

I took the day off and felt rebellious and sneaky like I was skipping  a test, and I think it was a good thing. I enjoy 'fessing up much more when it comes naturally, and after two weeks, I've been marinating in ridiculousness. This Friday I'll be here with bells on. 

2. Last week was busy to say the least. Jarrod and I went to Portland Monday through Wednesday, we hosted our new small group on Thursday night (small group=Bible study with folks from church), I don't remember Friday, and then Saturday... Saturday was the big day my fellas have been waiting for. 

Train day! 

Greyson has been asking to take a train ride since he was three years old. 

He's now seven. 

Better late than never, yes? 

There is a little town about two hours away that does a short 90-minute autumn train ride through the mountains, over a bridge, and through a tunnel. The whole train experience condensed into a kid-friendly time slot. 

I'm not gonna lie... it quickly lost it's novelty for me, but the boys were happy and we had a great day~ even when Jarrod got pulled over for speeding on the way home. He totally deserved a ticket, but he didn't get one. Thank you, Officer. 

3. Today I got not one, but TWO, kids down for a nap at the same time

Please, hold your applause. 

Almost as soon as they fell asleep, I had to wake them up to go get their brothers from school.

Super. Duper. Lame. 

4. Last weekend, my boys got invited to a 'crazy hat' birthday party. How fun is that for a party theme? It was all the fun of a costume party without a lot of trouble. I hope to do a post about it next week some time. 

5. Just FYI, if you ever get stranded in a dressing room and you desperately need a bobby pin, a paperclip will do in a pinch. You should be prepared to lose whatever hair you pin it with, however, because that sucker ain't coming out without a fight. 

6. We are kicking around the idea of selling our house, which is freaking me out. 

7. Just started listening to this on tape. It's only been 30 minutes and I'm already convicted, challenged, and inspired. The man fasted and prayed for a month in the hopes that God would give him a Bible. I have four of them sitting on my coffee table in front of me, and I am ashamed.  

8. My first trip to Ikea was everything I hoped it would be: Disneyland for homemakers. 

Oh, Expedit System, how I covet thee.

Duvet covers for like twenty bucks! 

I. want. this. hutch.

All things considered, I was very responsible: I only bought six bowls and a cheese grater. And I left feeling happy because Jarrod let me look at every single thing and only said once or twice that it was like being trapped in a rat maze and that he was hating every second of it.

What a guy.

9. When we were in Portland, we tried out several apps to help us find some good eats~ especially since the closest restaurants to our hotel were Boomers, Hooters or BJ's.  

No, I did not make that up. 

Thanks to the Urban Spoon app, and after reading a lot of reviews, wrong turns and running through the rain, we found this little restaurant called Shandong

We came in 30 minutes before closing, it was Monday night, and it was raining. We were the only ones there, which could have been annoying to the servers, but they were incredibly warm and welcoming. It was... magical. By far the best date we've had in a really long time, and it was most definitely the best Chinese food we've had in as long as I can remember. 
Hot & Sour (?) soup and jasmine tea
Sweet & Sour chicken, fried rice, and Moo Shu
Oh man, I'd drive back to Portland just to have that meal again. 

10. I'm very excited to have my first ever guest post coming up this Thursday. It's written by someone very dear to my heart and it's a testimony, so don't miss it. 

Happy Tuesday-ish :)


  1. I read your post about what Jarrod had to say about Ikea and Erik laughed. Then I told him about the restaurants by your hotel, he laughed again... that dinner looked super duper yummy!
    Oh and I. Want. That. Hutch. Too!
    Love the bowls, still too big of a chicken to give my kids glass bowls... I admire you for that!
    Can't wait to read your guest's post and your Friday Fess up. I noticed you didn't post, but secretly (or not so secret now) I was proud of you. :)
    Part of being an excellent wife, mom, and blogger is knowing when to take some time off.
    Blessings and Love!!

  2. I missed you! But I get it.

    I've been working hard not to be jealous that you got three days away with your hubby. Not because I want to go away with your hubby, of course... You know what I mean. ;)

    I'm totally showing my almost-9 y.o. the crazy hat picture to see if he wants to do it for his party next month. I love that idea.

    We just started hosting our small group, too!

  3. Beautiful family! And love that shot of the mountain.

  4. as always you are hilarious.

    umm...love the crazy hats...thanks for the ideas! yes, the one with the birthday centerpiece topper is the best!

  5. so glad you got some time away with your sweetie AND that you got to visit IKEA! :)

    I very nearly played hookie from todays 31 day challenge post because i worked all day for an organizing client yesterday and the annual teacher-visits-the-student at home day is today = busy, busy, busy. A inspirational quote came through my memory bank right beofre bed last night. - I figured that would do. :)

    Very fun birthday theme for sure.

    only us bloggers take photos of our food! :)


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