Sunday, October 9, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays~ #234~ #247


It's me. 

Guess what?

I'm flying the coop. 

Gettin' out of Dodge.

Fleeing Gomorrah, and not lookin' back.

Well, maybe not that last one.

But the point is, my husband and I are off on a "business" trip for three days to Oregon, where he is going to look at exciting things like plants, while I do really exciting things like visit my version of Graceland.

That's right, kids.

I'm going to Ikea

And we're taking a truck. 


Please pray for my parents, who will be tending our four mostly housebroken boys while we are gone. 

Nah, my folks will be fine because my boys really are pretty great, especially if you give them cookies. (Just not after midnight... you know, that whole gremlin thing) 

The other day Greyson and Rowan (ages 7 and 4) were just going at it. If they were in the same room, chaos erupted within seconds. It was driving me bonkers. 

 I finally said to Greyson, "Grey, you can't control your brother, but you CAN control yourself. So as far as it depends on you, try to get along."

I didn't even think he was listening, but he stopped in his tracks and he said very quietly, "Hmmm, I can't control my brother.... but I can control myself. Wow. That is really good advice, Mom. Thanks."

Moments like that are what remind me how rewarding this insane parenting carnival can be.

Which brings me to: 

Father, thank you for:

Driving into the sunset

Summer planters redone for fall with kale and pretty lettuce

Fog slipping over golden wheat fields

Half gallons of homemade cultured buttermilk

Being able to cut all their hair myself

Bubbly laughter

Girl's night out

Soup night with fresh bread

Two sets of loving grandparents

Rides on Papa's 'scooter' 

Picking apples in the rain

Deep breaths of cold air in the middle of the night

The opportunity to go somewhere, just the two of us, and remember what being together feels like

Dreams that wake us for a purpose and open dialogue, dialogue that brings confession, confession that brings repentance, repentance that brings healing, healing that brings restoration, restoration that brings joy.


  1. Have SOOOO much fun Kira and say hi to IKEA for me:)! Quinten is standing here with me looking at B in your post and saying his name over and over with a smile:)

  2. It's about time you get yourself to Ikea! Have fun...I'm a little jealous - I've been missing Oregon lately.

  3. You are going to IKEA????? I AM SO JEALOUS. Phew. Had to get that out. Never been, but have been dying to go to one. Have a blast.
    Oh, and have fun with your hubby. Time alone is so rare, I know you will treasure your time away.
    and that bread is looking fine, I want some.
    oh, and I just went back and replaced 4 exclamation points with periods. Just for you girlfriend.

  4. Hope you are having/had so much fun at IKEA. Love that place. Your pictures and things to be thankful for (which are one in the same) are just beautiful.

  5. Hope you had a great time in Oregon. What a beautiful place.

    I am jealous of your raw milk. I have still not been able to acquire any for myself. :)


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