Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Multitudes on mondays~ #222~ #233

Yes, I'm aware that it's Tuesday. But, that is the beauty of this blogging thing. You can do just about anything you want, even share a 'Multitudes on Monday' post on a Tuesday. The blogging police don't stop by unless you do something really out of line... like use the acronym LOL repeatedly in the same sentence when you aren't really laughing. 

This past weekend my parents were camping about 30 minutes out of town and wanted the boys to come hang out for a few hours. 

Yes, they are amazing.

My only mistake was in assuming they didn't want the 'baby' so I didn't take along any toddler supplies, like diapers. When we got up there to drop off the three big boys my mom was like, "Oh, aren't you leaving B?" and I was like, "DOH!" 

It all worked out, though, because we got to spend some quality time with just the toddler, which is kind of hard to come by when you have three older siblings. 

Toddlers seeing squirrels for the first time

Rain in the still of the night

Wounds that are healing without visiting the doctor

Unexpected date nights with good food, good coffee, and a good play

Laughing with the one I love

Family movie night

His guitar 

Rowan singing a spontaneous song all about the wonder of spiders while his dad accompanies him 

Someone tracking me down to tell me about something sweet and kind my child did

Listening to Corrie Ten Boom books on tape

Forgiving and being forgiven, and the reminder of how much easier it is with His help


  1. Those are all pretty awesome things to be grateful for. Love those chubby cheeks on B. He's just too cute. All your boys are adorable. Just don't tell the oldest I just said that. :)

  2. So sweet. Love the black and white photos!!


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