Friday, October 28, 2011

'Fess Up Friday~ Good housekeeping and slobs

So, it's 7 a.m. and Greyson (who is 7) just burst out of his bedroom, clad only in his underoos, and said 

"Oh no! This is bad, really bad. I had a whole bunch of homework to do last night and I didn't do any of it!"

And I said, "Grey, it's Friday. You don't have school today." 

(My kids do not have school on Fridays, neiner neiner) 

To which he replied, "Oh phew. I'm going back to bed."

Ummm.... for real? When did this happen? 

Could it possibly be that my children are reaching the age when they WANT to sleep? 

I've heard tell, but didn't believe it was true.  

No more high-fives at dawn? 

No more banging of the spoon against the bowl before the sun is even up?

It's bittersweet.... but mostly sweet.


So, I've been a little stressed this week. 

We are putting our house up for sale and I have to have the whole thing clean... like indefinitely. 

As a mother of four young boys, I'm pretty sure this will be my Everest. 

I enlisted my middle boys to help and asked them to get their room cleaned.

Imagine my surprise when after just a few minutes they excitedly announced that it was done.

The little voice in my head told me not to look under the bed, but I've never been a good listener.

Ignorance is bliss. 

Still, I'm taking notes just in case we have to have our house ready for a showing on short notice. It's not a bad system.

On our trip to Portland a couple weeks ago, we were quietly cruising along when Jarrod cried out, "OH NO! A COP!"

And when I looked at his speedometer I spazzed out.

That was when he chose to tell me his speedometer is kind of broken and shows 33 mph faster than you're going.

Ha ha. Very funny.

Rowan is in danger of becoming a first-class slob. 

His clothes have always been dirty at the end of the day, but he recently took it to a whole new level.

It took me a couple days to realize he was using his shirt as a napkin and it had become a roadmap of every food he'd eaten.

Color me mortified. 

Where is this child's mother?!

Coming up with a plan, that's where.

Yesterday I threatened to make him wear a baby bib at lunch time and his shirt was remarkably clean at the end of the meal. (Thanks for the tip, Heather!)


I'm supposed to be somewhere in half an hour.

I still have to feed my kids, get B dressed, put on my makeup, do my hair, strap the carseats in J's truck (the one with the broken speedometer) and drop them off at my mom's house.

Totally do-able. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I surely don't complain about kids sleeping in anymore. It's nice to have the peace and quiet even if it's only for a bit. :) Good luck with selling the house. Maybe one day we will be able to sell ours and then we will move up north. One day. Have a great weekend Kira!

  2. You are definitely busy busy busy! I totally know the foodie-shirt thing. Such a pity my kids would love wearing a bib, anything to be like their baby brother!!

    All the best with the house, and your Everest! xoxo

  3. Guuuurl.

    You are some kinda wonder woman to get all that done in 30 minutes! I know you were probably joking when you said, "totally do-able", but I bet you weren't very late. You strike me as very efficient, though, I guess you have to be in order to keep up with 4 young boys!

  4. I, too, kept a house on the market "show-ready" with four children. It's a bit stressful when you get short notice, but I honestly enjoyed the simplicity of having rooms pared down and counter tops nearly bare. (Except for the coffeemaker. Step away from the coffeemaker.)

    Are you moving closer to me?

  5. Listing your house?! Move south . . . I hear its all the rage!

  6. I need to buy a bib. For his pants. White Halloween Costume - marks of chocolate you know where... ugh! Maybe a BIG ridiculous huge bib?

    Love the speedometer! Talk about getting your heart beating!

    BTW - I cannot ever imagine the day when my boys - any of them - would willingly go back to bed. Ever. Wow!

    Good luck on the house thing, I suggest some non-descript bins you can put in the garage that look like "storage" and clean sweep into the bins when you get that phone call! :) Just a thought...

    Praying for God's perfect plan for your residence. :)

  7. You're selling your house?? Big move? Small? Details, girl! :)

  8. When our house was on the market, empty laundry baskets were my friend. Just load those babies up with the clutter and put them in the back of the car when someone wants to see the house in 5 minutes. Of course, keeping them empty. Well, that's a feat in itself.

    And seriously, he's so stinkin' cute, who would even notice the shirt???


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