Thursday, October 6, 2011

'Fess Up Friday~ Fruit Flies and Getting Punked

So, it's Thursday night. 

My four-year-old is wearing a pair of shooting-range goggles and snapping his fingers like a beatnick while jumping from furniture. 

The two-year-old is pretending to be a puppy. Sometimes he comes and rubs up against my leg (maybe he's a cat?) and sometimes he growls at me. 

My older boys watched Karate Kid tonight and are now sporting ninja suits and practicing their flying jump kicks. 

Just business as usual in this house.

Also, I made pizza for dinner.

And by 'made' I mean I drove to Papa Murphy's to pick it up and then I baked it. 

That is also business as usual. 


Yeesh, I just realized my 'Fess Up button is obscenely large. 

I'm going to change it. 

Next week, be on the lookout for a new 'Fess Up button!

But if I don't get around to it, don't be surprised.

Just pretend like I never said anything.


I pinned this amazing idea on Pinterest about six months ago, hoping that I would never actually have to use it. 

Yeah, that's a fruit fly trap.

One questionable batch of bananas and POOF, they will take over your house.

So I've been using the traps, and they do indeed work wondrously. 

After a couple weeks, however, I thought that I finally had them licked and I got rid of my trap.

But tonight, as I was eating my salad with a lovely dressing made from apple cider vinegar, one almost flew into my mouth. 

I seriously chopped the air so fast it dropped like a rock and just lay there. I think I took one of it's wings off.

(my boys thought they wanted to be ninjas because they watched Karate Kid, but really their overwhelming desire to do flying kicks was genetically passed on from me)


On of my besties was really paying attention to last week's 'Fess Ups.

Look at the present she gave me!

These ones are not getting anywhere near a hot camping trailer.

They are going straight into cookies tomorrow and then onto my waistline, where they will be safe.

My four boys are growing up.

My baby is two.

There will be no more babies for us (unless God miraculously calls us to adopt)

So this week I decided it was finally time to give up the dream.

The pink diaper bag that I secretly bought years ago went onto Craigslist.

Isn't it pretty? If no one buys it I may be forced to turn it into my camera bag. 

Dude, this week, I got punked.

Big time.

I was getting ready for my "hot date" with my man and had just finished my makeup.

A quick swipe of lipgloss and I was ready to walk out the door.



what IS that on my lip?

How the 2-year-old (who is obsessed with playing in my makeup) managed to get the lipgloss tube open and pour my liquid foundation inside without making a gigantic mess that gave him away, I will never know.

He totally and completely punked me. 


  1. hey! The fly trap picture isn't showing up (or at least on my computer) I love how you worded that those andes mints will be safe on your waistline. I'm going to remember that woman always want to keep things safe, right? Don't touch your fess up button - it's perfect! I'll link up my fess up post tomorrow when it comes out..... :-)

  2. Kira, Kindle and I are laying in bed as I read out loud your posts and laughing our waistlines off! You are the best.

  3. Hilarious Kira! You always make me shake my head and laugh. You guys rock! As far as the pink bag goes, take it off of Craigslist and keep it for yourself. It's so pretty. I think you have earned the right to keep it. :)

  4. So the fruitflies? We had a bunch of compost in a bucket on the counter that needed to be taken out but I didn't want to because I am lazy. This is a theme in my life. So I tried to prevent them by covering the bucket with a wet washcloth. YOu know! So that there wouldn't be any oxygen!

    Oh, boy! Like that was going to work.
    My awesome husband took care of it in the morn so we didn't have any, but I don't think my prevention was useful!

  5. You still look cute with your smoochy lips :)


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