Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family Camp!

Last weekend was our church's annual Family Camp. 

What is Family Camp? 

It's where every family (surprise!) at church heads to the woods and (surprise!) goes camping. 

The fun of Family Camp is that we have the whole campground to ourselves, we know everyone there, and our children can cut loose and run wild like rabid raccoons. 

They race around on their bikes, climb trees, hoot and holler and steal food from unsuspecting campsites. 


Family Camp = Kid Heaven. 

I've been going to Family Camp since I was a kid, and I remember it as the highlight of my summer. 

This year felt like a milestone year for our family. 

The last time we went, we literally had to bring a cage big baby gate to keep B contained. He  ate dirt. He ate rocks. He cried a lot. He didn't sleep. Not so much fun for the parents that year. 

But this year....

this year felt transitional. 

He's still a busy little bee and I still have to watch him like a hawk, but he is two now. 

He toodled around on his little bike and stayed relatively close to our campsite.

He chilled with his homies.

He charmed the girls.

He ate candy.
It's not really up his nose, but I find it entertaining that it appears that way.

And when he was thirsty, he just found himself a spicket. 

Next year is going to be even easier with him (think diaper free!) which is exciting. 

Rowan has been talking about Family Camp for weeks and weeks, anticipating how many grasshoppers he would catch.

When we pulled in, before the car had really stopped moving, he had already hopped out and was chasing one. 

The boy is obsessed. 

On Saturday they had a big jumpy castle thing and one of these:


He gleefully jumped in the ring


to 'fight' his buddy, Jude.

He showed no mercy, however.




Not gonna lie, I was proud. Next year I'll teach him to shout "Adreaaaaaaaaan" 

There was a movie night for the kids where they set up a big projector screen in a field and everyone brought blankets and pillows. 

And they handed out candy. 

Lots of candy.





And some of the children, I'm not saying whose, didn't have a blanket so they just squeezed their entire body inside their pillow case.


There was also face painting.

Were we surprised when Kira's kids requested to be Darth Maul and a skeleton with a web and spider on his face? 

No, we were not.

Greyson had a ridiculously wiggly tooth that did manage to fall out before the weekend was over. 

We roasted s'mores galore and stayed up till midnight cackling around the fire.


We tried out new things:


Note to self: You need to soak corn before you roast it, and you are supposed to take the silk off before you cook it. 

Most of us had a really great time.


And there were no pictures taken of Kira. Not one. 

This is for the best. 

We are home now, and there are mountains of laundry and smokey bedding to wash, but fun was had by all and the boys are already talking about next year. 

We love us some family camp. 


  1. Oh, this looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love every picture and story. Your kids absolutely crack me up. My son would have also requested a Darth Maul inspired face painting. I love that your church does a family camping trip. Might have to suggest that to my pastor. :)

  2. That picture of B by the water is award winning! You so got this sun glare thing down (now you'll need to teach me):-) I cracked up with G in the pillow case - hey, you use what you got - huh.

  3. Oh how fun! It looks like you guys had a blast! I love the photo of the does look like it's stuck up his nose =)

  4. how fun to go camping with your church family. Looks like your boys had a blast. I love the ode to Rocky.
    your boys are all so cute, and they truly are boy through and through.
    The pic of Brecken drinking water is awesome.
    glad you got away and had fun!
    oh, and we do corn on the grill and soak for a couple hours, but we leave the silk on (we're lazy). we love grilled corn with butter and maple pepper seasoning (it is sooo amazing - and very New England).

  5. OMG this looks amazing. Like I really, really wish we had been there. Our church has camping trips each summer, not really official church trips, but we have a small, very small, church and most everyone goes. We haven't gotten to go yet and they've gone three years in a row so far. Next year is out year! Although, like you last year, I'll have a one year old, but I'm hoping it won't be so bad. Ro will be three and Em five so let's cross our fingers that they will have gained some new found listening skills over the next year. It looks like you guys had such a good time! How cool that you have your own memories of family camp and now your kids have them too. Awesome photos, as always.

  6. I want to go to family camp! IF I ever see you randomly in real life, I will not know it was you. I think you have blond hair and I know you have 4 cute boys. That's it.

  7. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It IS so much fun. Every church should go to the woods for three days and bond over not showering and inhaling wood smoke. Good times ;)


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