Thursday, September 1, 2011

'Fess Up Friday Monkey Toes and Shrinking Feet

This is going to be the lamest 'Fess Up Friday ever. So sorry. 

It cannot be helped, however, as I am in the throws of camping-packing chaos. 

I got up at 5:30 this morning, fully intending to leave for the campground after Jarrod got off work tonight. 

Got the boys off to school, then the gremlins  little boys and I went to: the bank, the dollar store, the library, Costco, home for an hour of putting them back in bed repeatedly naps, back to pick the big boys up from school, over to Grandma's house, to Walmart, to another library because the first one didn't have the book I needed, and then back home to finish laundry and food preparations and packing. 

At which point I said, "There's no way this is happening. We're leaving tomorrow." 

And here I am. Boring ya'll with my whiney-hiney pity party instead of roasting a s'more.  

The irony is that all the things I did today are the things I SHOULD do the day before camping, but I never do. I had to actually be planning to leave before I could put this car in drive and get anything done. Now we are just going to be leaving on time thanks to the fact that I tried to leave 12 hours early. I'm going to have to see if this can work in other areas of my life too. Like maybe we should start planning to leave for church on Saturday night....


The first time I saw them, I did a double take. 

The second time I saw them, I stared for a while and then I laughed when I described them to someone later. 

I thought they were the funniest thing I'd ever seen. 

But then I read this book:

And the next thing I knew, I was trying to squeeze my monkey toes into these crazy things at the sporting goods store. 

I cannot even describe to you how ridiculous they looked. I refused to take a picture because that was taking it too far, even for 'Fess Up Friday. 

But I'm so inspired by that book I read. Aside from some evolution mumbo jumbo that I don't agree with or endorse, it was a fascinating story and it made me want to start running. 

Because, baby, I was born to do it. 

But, Kira, you say, aren't you the one who swore you wouldn't run to the end of the block if they paid you? Aren't you the one who said running is perhaps the worst pastime imaginable? 

Yes.... yes, I am. 

But I stand corrected. 

Apparently, all you need is some ridiculous shoes with toes built in for it to suddenly be the funnest thing you've ever tried. (funnest is a word, because I say so, and that wasn't really the message of the book)

I do not own the shoes yet, so I cannot attest to this personally, but I'm sure it must be true. (Did I mention that I'm not allowed to watch QVC anymore because I will buy anything? Sad but true)

Until I can afford some ridiculous looking shoes, I've just been going barefoot on the sidewalks around my neighborhood. A nice easy walk-jog a few times a week. 

Why barefoot? 

Because I want to shrink my feet! 

I've heard from several sources that running barefoot over extended periods of time can strengthen your arches and supporting muscles and ligaments (the ones that get weak and lifeless because shoes do all the work for them) and many people have experienced smaller feet as a result. 

Now, I don't expect to become a foot model any time soon, or ever

But, I just found out that having four children made my feet go up an entire shoe size. 


I had feet like a hobbit to begin with, I cannot afford for them to be even bigger.

 Plus, I've been squeezing my feet into the same size I bought in highschool because I thought I was done growing and it never occurred to me to measure them. 

No wonder I hate shoe shopping. 

So rather than buy bigger shoes, I'm just going to run barefoot until it snows and then maybe buy some of these:

And I'm sure by next spring I'll be back to my old shoe size. 



I'm also excited about the fact that this motivates me to start running for a reason other than weightloss. 

That would be a nice side benefit, but I'm going to do it mostly because I want to strengthen the arches of my feet.  

So, if you see me running down the road with no shoes on, 

it's not because I'm crazy or forgetful. 

It's because I'm on a feet-shrinking mission.

Oh, and also I want to be healthier and have more stamina and do something good for my heart, blah blah blah.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and that some of you come link up with me. I'm off to bed now so that I can head into the woods bright and early tomorrow morning for three days of dirt and grasshoppers and melted marshmallows. 



  1. Well, ready to go or not, you're ahead of me - having the gumption to even GO camping! Hope you have fun!! :)

    I've been a runner for years, but have not had any desire to wear those crazy looking shoes (though I have seen them around.)

    Keep me posted on the whole foot shrinkage (says the fellow hobbit-girl).


  2. I had no idea there were so many benefits to barefoot running and those crazy lookin' shoes. My feet are rediculously big (9.5) for my 5'2" self - I could sure use some foot shrinkin'.

    Hope you have a great time camping!!!

  3. Yeah, and that's just part of it. They also said the barefoot running virtually eliminates the pain that you get from regular running on your knees and back. It's because tennis shoes allow you to land on your heel, which is bony and not designed to cushion the impact on your joints. When you run barefoot, you land on the meaty part of the ball of your foot, which is where we are supposed to land. It takes all the pressure off your joints. It's helped tons of people who thought they would have to give up running due to back pain or knee pain. The conspiracy-theorist in me loves the fact that shoes that are designed to fix all these problems are actually CAUSING the problems. It was pretty interesting.

  4. John got a pair of those shoes because he has the worst knees EVER. He hasn't been able to really run since his first surgery about 10-11 years ago, and he's been actually able to run!
    We'll see you camping! We were planning to go tonight but John has to work late so we might not be there until tomorrow morning...we'll see how much I get done today.

  5. Kira! We saw those shoes at Dick's a couple weeks ago and thought they looked SOOOO GOOFY!!! People were there buying them and I thought they must be insane. Now, I'm having shame at my judgement. ;D ANNND! My husband had heard that about foot shrinking too! I was beginning to think he was crazy, but I'm glad to see that it really is out there! :) I had been thinking about my 'Fess Ups all week, so I posted them today! :)

  6. I cannot believe that you did all those errands today with your gremlins. Seriously... any one of those (Library... Wal-Mart... COSTCO for Pete's sake) would have done me in! You are a wonder woman!

    Good luck with the barefoot running. Let us know how it goes... I wish I could run, but I really, really hate it. Plus, I am truly the world's worst runner... I have often worried that if I was ever in a dark alley and someone was coming after me, I would just have to throw my arms up and say, come and get me because there is no way I could run fast enough to get away from anyone... I'm that pathetic.

    Have fun camping!!

  7. My sister in law is into the 'barefoot' running. The shoes are ugly but apparently people love them. She did post a pic on her blog way back when. I don't get it but then, I'm not into running. Unless someone were chasing me, then maybe : )

    I always have good intentions before a trip too but somehow the day before is always so stressful. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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