Saturday, September 10, 2011

Amazon Mom: Are you using it yet?

I'm going to make this short and sweet:

If you're not using Amazon Mom, you should be. 

I'll tell you why. 

You get free two-day shipping on like.... everything. 

Who doesn't LOVE free two-day shipping, I ask you.

It takes my breath away and makes me giddy. 

Now here's the thing:

It's kind of a complicated and confusing process to actually sign up for it: it's somewhere on Amazon's website and you have to go on a little adventure to find it, but you know... Indiana Jones never got a treasure unless he was first chased by a gigantic cement ball. 

Trust me, this annoying process is worth it. 

Just for signing up you get three months of two-day shipping free, and then every time you buy $25 worth of products from their baby or kid section (diapers, clothes, shoes, food, popsicle molds etc) you get an extra month tacked onto the end.

I've already earned free shipping through April of 2012, and I wasn't even ordering baby stuff! 

I was ordering weird stuff, like canning lids, and running shoes, and a Leapster for Rowan's birthday. The Leapster I can understand, but the other stuff just makes no sense.

Will I bring this to Amazon's attention?

Heck no.

I will order everything I do not need in less than 48 hours and then wait for it to arrive at my house. 

Gluten-free oatmeal for making granola bars.

Good quality organic grade B Maple syrup.

Shredded coconut for making homemade coconut milk.

Did you know Amazon has food too? And if you use the subscribe & save option, it's usually at really good prices. 

Pure bliss. 

So, sign up for Amazon Mom, even if you're not a mom. Because it's free two-day shipping, people. A regular Amazon Prime membership (which I've been coveting for years) is $79 a year!  Hehe, suckers, I would have paid for it and they're just giving it away for free! 

You're welcome. 


  1. Ha! Awesome!! Thanks for the head's up!

  2. I've heard great things about that can save you tons. Ted has a paid membership (I guess he got suckered - but at the same time he's not a mom!) so Matt orders everything on his account to get the free shipping! AND now that we are building right next to them it will be like free shipping for the rest of our lives (as long as Ted continues with his 79.00 yr program) I wonder what other perks i can get living right next to my inlaws..... :-)

  3. Good to know! I already have the regular Amazon account...I didn't realize there was a special one you could get!

  4. I have signed up but haven't bought anything yet. We need diapers, so I guess it's time.

    Did you buy the ugly running shoes??? I want some! Can't wait to hear what you think about them.

  5. @Sunny Alas, I chickened out on the monkey-toe shoes. I went with the Merell Pace Gloves so I can strengthen my feet all around town without any public ridicule. I'm working my way up to the toe shoes. I'll keep you posted ;)

  6. I do Amazon Mom, too, but I only earned an extra month of the free shipping. I didn't know random things would qualify!

    One thing to be careful of: If you don't keep good track of the day your free shipping ends and you place an order after that and choose the two-day shipping (because it will give you that option), then it will automatically charge you for the $79 membership! Ask me how I know...

    The good thing is that I happened to check my account and caught it soon after it happened, canceled the order, and was able to recover the $79 since it was within their allowed time frame.


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