Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Five Minute Ramble

Do you follow In-Courage? What a fantastic resource of daily encouragement right in your inbox (or on your Google Reader). I love that website. It's written by Christian women, all wives and mothers, FOR Christian women. I love them because they are all imminently relatable and they write about things that are relevant to me and the season I'm in, just as their tagline reads, "A home for the hearts of women." 

I saw a post on In-Courage last week, and it got me to thinking. The post was about taking five minutes on Friday to just write. No proof-reading, no rough drafts, no editing your words to smithereens. Just write what's on your heart using a word prompt they provide. Then they have a linkup party. I can't join another Friday linkup party, but that doesn't mean I can't take five minutes to write.

I get so caught up sometimes in perfection (because every one of my posts is obviously perfect, right?) that I freeze and don't write anything at all. 

And it's lame.

Our lives are going by every day and I'm forgetting little things and not talking about what I'm really struggling with. 

So, for my own benefit: Five minutes, starting now.

I'm starting the Diet Solution Plan again this week. Technically I was supposed to start yesterday with my friend Selina, but I was kind of hoping she forgot so I ate three cookies instead. 

Turns out she didn't forget. She sent me an email last night asking how my first day on the diet went and I had to say, "Yeah, about that.... starting tomorrow!" 

So here we go again. 

I lost five pounds in a month doing this last summer, but then I stopped doing it and have gained all five pounds back over the last year. 

This is not another blog about weight-loss and dieting, because we all have our own struggles, but I'm hoping to do better with it this time. 

My goals for this week are:

  • Drink my daily water. I thought I was good at this, but then I started keeping track. Turns out I suck at drinking water and I'm chronically dehydrated. 

  • Eat breakfast right away in the morning and follow the eating guidelines of Diet Solution (DSP) which are basically, low dairy and low wheat (sprouted grains only) with no sugar for the first six weeks.

  • Make some progress in the book I'm reading for an online Bible Study, "Lies Women Believe," because I've been totally flaking out on that one. 

  • Address one particular issue I've been having with the two-year-old and consistently follow through on it. Namely, ear-piercing and blood-curdling shrieks over any and every irritation, especially while we're in the car. He's giving me an eye twitch. 
  •  Also, I'm taking the honey challenge on Crunchy Betty, where you wash your face with honey for two weeks. I'm technically late to the party, which is already over, but I am completely intrigued with this idea because I've already been using honey on the occasional blemish with success. Blemish is a weird word. It's almost pleasant to the ear, like blossom, which is much nicer to say than "huge unsightly zit" 

Bleck. I hate going off sugar. I think I'm highly addicted to it. And caffeine. I love me some caffeine and sugar. I shudder to think of the excess calories I drink each day. 

Also, I'm going to continue taking Stretch and Tone at the gym, (which I referred to as yoga in a previous post and got a comment chastisement for) along with some Zumba classes. Hopefully there are no Latin gods mistakenly being worshipped during Zumba class, because it's great for the abs and makes me laugh. 

And that is the end of my five minutes... okay, it was more like 10, but this was my first try. 

P.S. I only logged in to re-edit this once. Now I'm really done. 


  1. Okay, so about Lies Women Believe--I loved that book! Until she got to the part about raising kids. Tell me what you think. I was a bit put off by her, but I would love to hear what you think.

    And I didn't chastise you for doing YOGA. What I was worried about was the fact that I don't want you to have Scary Madonna Arms. And if that's what she does, then you shouldn't do it! I thought I would clarify for you!

  2. That Lies Women Believe Book is a good one. I haven't read it in several years and could probably really benefit from re-reading it.

    I love this idea of taking 5 minutes to write. Your challenges for the week are great too... you may have just inspired me to do something along those lines as well. :)

  3. I am trying to remain steadfast on my dieting as well.
    We can do it!

    My MIL does Zumba. I just cannot imagine her being so . . . exotic.

  4. Heehee. Yes, Zumba is entertaining. I read somewhere once that the problem with Zumba is that they put mirrors in the room. You can feel like you're totally killin' it like Shakira, but then you look in the mirror and realize you look like Elaine from Seinfeld.

  5. Oh man, the chronic dehydration. I think that is me too. Some days I realize I've only had one glass of water and I only drink water so that means my body has had hardly any liquid at all. Let's throw in that I'm nursing an almost 17 pound 4 month old and I think that it's incredibly gracious of my body to only be slightly dizzy at the end of the day. Really, really trying to work on that. And the sugar. Oh, the addiction to sugar. Bad news bears. Really would love to cut it out. I don't think I'm brave enough yet. Want to try the honey on blemishes. That word is definitely much more forgiving than zit or that gag-me pimple. I also recently read about an oil cleanse? Have you heard about that? Sounds interesting too.

  6. Yes, the oil cleansing method! I have heard of it, and I'm actually doing it right now. So far so good. The first time I tried it I had bogus info (didn't know the type of oil made such a drastic difference) and I thrashed my skin. It seriously took a long time to recover. This second time though I read a post on Crunchy Betty about it that was VERY informative and helped me pick the right types of oil for my skin, which tends to be dry and sensitive. I'm currently using equal parts jojoba oil, avocado oil, and castor oil and its working well for me. At night I've been incorporating a dab of honey with my normal oil cleanse so I get the benefits of honey with the makeup-removing properties of the oil. In the morning I'm doing honey only to cleanse and then a little jojoba oil for moisture. Crunchy Betty is my favorite website for all things natural-beauty related. I have learned a LOT from her and she's very entertaining too.

    here's a link to her post on the oil cleansing method:


  7. No sugar or caffeine AND an ear splitting blood curdling screecher? *twitch*


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