Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bump Update

Several months ago I spilled my guts and told you all my big bad secret: 

My kid had bumps. 

At the time, I was completely overwhelmed, scared, tired, and frustrated with trying to cure them because they are stubborn little boogers, and I was SO blessed by the support I received from my bloggy friends. I was also relieved to hear that I was not the first, and certainly won't be the last, mom to deal with them.  

Simply put: Molluscum Contagiosum sucks. It is the worst thing I've dealt with so far as a mom. 

We tried many different 'cures' without luck (many of which worked for my friends, but for whatever reason didn't work for us) such as:

* Molluscum No More (expensive and ineffective, although they did refund my money and the company was pleasant to work with)

* Apple Cider Vinegar (did kill one or two but also gave him a bad rash)

* Tea Tree Oil 

*Neem Oil/Cream

*Tea Tree/Oregano Oil

* Lemon Myrtle Oil (I think this worked better than some of the other things we tried but it still wasn't enough)

*Comfrey Cream

*hydrogen peroxide

*baths with epsom salts or vinegar

*Clear Nail Polish (totally worked for other people but I couldn't get it to stay on)

* Expensive internal drops from the naturopath

*Waiting it out (that was our helpful doctor's advice) 

I gave all of these treatments at least three to eight weeks before I gave up on them, which means that I spent MONTHS experimenting. Several of the treatments I had to abandon because they caused him to have severe eczema outbreaks, when he had never previously had eczema. 

It was pretty discouraging. 

BUT, there is hope! 

I finally found something that is working for us, and it's almost silly. 

Are you ready? 

I was skeptical when I found the website, but after reading the testimonials I was convinced to try it. I began with the wheatgrass spray, but found that Rowan's skin was still reacting with eczema where the spray was landing. 

So we switched to the cream and that has worked well for him. I was still glad I bought the spray because he had a spot by his eye and the spray made it easy to just mist his face, and it's safe for the eye area. The only downside is that the cream contains parabens, which I typically avoid in all our products, but I just had to make an exception this time because I was out of options. 

It took approximately three weeks of applying it twice a day before I noticed a reaction. It started slowly, with about four to five bumps each week turning red and either popping or drying up and going away on their own. I had to be vigilant and clean away the white core whenever one opened because that is the part that is contagious. I usually used tweezers to pull it out (while he screamed and hollered and nearly kicked me in the face) and then covered it with antibiotic cream and a bandaid because they bleed a ton. So sorry if I'm grossing anyone out, but I thought this might be helpful if anyone else ever has to deal with them. I know that I spent HOURS googling and reading forums so chances are someone is going to stumble on this post who needs help. 

After a few more weeks went by the process started to speed up until two to three bumps a day were coming to a head and popping. After eight weeks of this, I'd say 90% of his bumps are gone and the rest are looking like they will be on their way out soon. 

Even though it has still taken a solid two months, imagine my relief at seeing the end of this very long tunnel we've been traveling since last December. 

And then imagine my unending horror when two days ago my youngest son suddenly woke up with HUNDREDS of them on his legs, arms, and face. 

I may crawl into a hole and die. 

Okay, I probably won't.

I'll just take a gigantic breath, whimper a little bit, order another round of cream and spray, and settle in for another three months of this. 

I'm still holding out hope that it might not be bumps because the rash did appear after a long day in the sun and may possibly be a heat rash. Also, based on my experience with Rowan they don't typically appear in this volume in such a short period. They spread in clusters over time. If you are a prayer warrior, would you puleeeeeeeze say a prayer for my Brecken that it's just a heat rash? Pretty please? 

I will take whatever comes, especially now that I know what to use, but it's incredibly disheartening when I have been so careful. No shared clothing, bedding, towels, or baths for the last nine months, and we didn't even get a kiddie pool this summer. I don't know how this happened. 

So that's the update on the bumps, for those of you who have been sweet and asked, and a warning that I might be a big fat whiney pants for a while longer if Brecken has the plague too. 

And since it's Monday and I didn't do my usual Multitudes on Mondays post, I think this would be a good time to find some thankfuls. 

Thank you, Jesus:

* that wheatgrass cream and spray is one of the more affordable treatments we tried and that it goes a long way

*that the bumps on Rowan's feet and face, the ones that bothered me most, are gone

*that his skin is almost whole again

*that Haydn never got any

*that Greyson only got two, and they are gone

*that we haven't had to squeeze or pinch any in a long time, they are just sort of disappearing

*that you have not give me a spirit of fear

*that you work all things together for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose, even contagious bumpy rashes

*that you bring peace that surpasses all understanding

*that this is the worst thing I've had to deal with as a mom, and it's not even that bad


  1. Oh, yay! I'm so glad!

  2. oh wow, that is a long road you have been traveling there!
    Jack has severe eczema, and this summer has been so hard to keep it tamed since sunscreen makes it worse. I can't imagine dealing with all the bumps and treatments.
    So glad you found one that works, and I have prayed and am praying that B just has heat rash and that it is gone in the morning!
    And I LOVE 2 Timothy 1:7.

  3. Oh Sweet Kira,
    I will pray for Brecken...and for you!!! What a long, frustrating 9 months you have endured!

    It's funny, I remember the initial bumps post a few months ago, but didn't put it together that he had Molluscum Contagiosum. My daughter "Sassy" actually has that too. I guess I haven't been too overwhelmed by it because it isn't a huge outbreak (at least at this point!) and is primarily on her back, but it is still disturbing none-the-less.

    My pediatrician told me that is is related to chicken pox. My son got the chicken pox last winter and I am pretty sure that is what triggered her outbreak. She had received the chicken pox vacine so she didn't get the pox, but I guess she got this instead. yay. I had Shingles when I was pregnant and that is where my son caught the chicken pox. We are such a kind, sharing bunch aren't we!?

    I am so happy that you found a treatment that works for Rowan. I am going to get some of that cream for Sassy too. I'd love to get it cleared up.

    On a totally unrelated note, I made the apple sauce bread that you mentioned in a 'fess up Friday a while back. You know the one where you made the bread with some moldy applesauce! hee hee! :)

    Anyway, it was good... but I feel it is lacking something. I am thinking it needs some... nuts... or better yet... some chocolate!! :) Gonna try that next time. Thanks for the recipe though!

    Hope you have a good night and that Brecken wakes up bump free!! :)

  4. Oh man, she has it too? I'm sorry :( It's funny because I know moms who are not bothered by it in the least and never think about it at all, just let it run it's course. Then there's me, who did nothing BUT think about it and google it and try to figure out what it was and how to fix it. Totally bothers me and stresses me out. It's the contagious nature of it that gets me. If no one else could catch it I wouldn't care at all. My other kid has eczema and it doesn't bother me in the least, because no matter how bad it looks, he can't give it to someone else. But the fact that it can spread and stick around for up to two years and other kids can catch it.... ugh

    Definitely give the wheatgrass cream a shot. It's only $30 and it ships very quickly. I'm relatively close to California so it got here in two business days. Just apply it twice a day with a que-tip (I did that for hygenic reasons to keep from getting the bump germs on my finger and then all over the tube) and if they start getting red that's a good sign because it signals an immune response. Once they turn red they will swell up and look like a big pimple and then pop open on their own or in the bath and then the white core will be visible. If you see that core, don't touch it! Pull it out with tweezers and wipe it of on a tissue or a que-tip, or use a que-tip to gently pop it out. They are so gross... like little tumors. That white core has like a root or something because when it comes out it bleeds like crazy. That is the contagious part and you want to make sure you don't leave it on her skin or it will cause the bumps to spread. If it doesn't pop on it's own, it may just get red, scab over, and then heal. Several of Rowan's did that and I never had to mess with the white part (much easier!) I have a really good salve that I got at Super Supplements that I put on them after they pop, but neosporin would work fine too.

    I know that it's related to the pox virus, but I haven't heard of it necessarily being contracted due to chicken pox. Unfortunately, it's super common and tons of kids have it, so they can catch it anywhere. School, playgrounds, pools, etc. I hadn't ever heard of it before so I guess I was lucky to get by with nine years of ignorant bliss.

    That's funny about the applesauce bread. That was the first time I had made that recipe and not only did I use moldy applesauce, but I forgot to put honey or sugar in it. So it was flavorless, unsweetened, moldy applesauce bread. I've made it one more time since then and it was okay, but I agree... a little boring. If you spice it up, let me know!

  5. Wow, that does NOT sound like fun at all! I'm praying for Brecken and you. (((hugs))) May this pass quickly. Becca

  6. wow - what an ordeal! i think i would have reacted like you - searching to high heaven for a solution. :) that's awesome that you've finally found something that's making a difference - what a good mama!!

    praying for a speedy and complete recovery for ALL.


  7. How is Brecken today? Are the bumps gone yet? Thought and prayed for you today. - mc


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