Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays~ #166-#186

Blueberry juice bubbling from warm, golden muffins 

The little old lady walking, different streets, different routes, always walking, all year round

Women at the gym not just watching, but loving on my kids while I have an hour of quiet

Glory Revealed Pandora channel


watching him catch sprinkler drops on his tongue

playing outside

armloads of kale

visiting with friends we haven't seen in a while

the gurgle of the coffee pot brewing

the ability to buy any and every kind of fruit or vegetable we could want

cupboards full of food

freezers full of meat

J making me laugh

sticky notes

splash pads

library card on my keychain

him fixing my kitchenaid... again

dandelions and petunias living together in harmony in one glass 

grace when I lose it, when I am unfair, when I have no patience, when I am unreasonable. Grace to ask forgiveness, grace to be forgiven


  1. oh how i am so thankful for the library card keychain!!! i would never have my hard with me if otherwise.

    -Jessica Howard

  2. That second picture is especially wonderful!

  3. Those are all pretty awesome things to be grateful for Kira. Love the gorgeous flowers from the boys. Too sweet!

  4. Ahhhh good things my friend, good things.


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