Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Mish-Mash Post

The weather in my corner of the country is so far behind the rest of ya'll, that you guys are probably getting ready to pick pumpkins already. 

It's the first week of July and we just turned on our AC for the first time. In fact, today was the first time we have breached 90 and we don't quite know what to do with ourselves. Removing the sweatpants and sweatshirts would be the logical first step, but Rowan was still running around in them today while spraying himself, the yard and his irritated brothers off with the hose. Some unfortunate ants also got a bath. 

The strawberries are just now starting to ripen and they are sweet and warm and taste like sunshine. My in-laws have a huge strawberry patch and this weekend while they were out of town I stole over there like Goldilocks and raided the field. 

Then I was forced to make one of my favorite desserts with them.

One of the best parts of summer is the abundance of fresh fruit. Sometimes I look at the produce section at the store and I'm almost horrified at the sheer extravagance of it all. 

We are so blessed to have bowls full of cherries sitting on the table. 

This little man is rapidly becoming the biggest trouble-maker in the family. Here he is with a bloodshot eye for some unknown reason, and a face full of 'kuh-wers' (colors) that for once Rowan wasn't responsible for. He did this one all on his own. He's smart enough to hide behind a chair when he saw me coming, and then he says "Uh-ohhhh..... Mama, kuh-wers! A no-no."

The only things I have an abundance of in my garden are kale and cilantro. Anybody got a great recipe that calls for both kale and cilantro?

We were excited a couple weeks ago to buy a little patio set so we can sit outside. 

The boys were more excited about the box the chairs came in.

We are talking hours of submarines, and battle trenches, and forts, and castles. It could have gone on forever but one day Haydn decided to create a new 'exit' and busted through the back wall with his gigantic nine-year-old body, sort of like the hulk. Much to everyone's surprise, the whole thing collapsed. 

Up till that point, they mostly got along while they were in the box. 

Depending on Rowan's mood and how annoying he felt like being.

His comedic personality isn't always appreciated by his brothers. Maybe because this face usually proceeds him tooting on someone or putting them in a head lock. 

Speaking of headlocks.

I am never more pleased with the father I chose for my boys than when I see them draped from his head.

I think he's a keeper. 

And they agree. 

And that's what's going on in my neck of the woods. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Must be hard to get too too mad at that face : )

    We were in Houston this past weekend-it is a whole nother level of heat. Whew! We're warm here in North Jersey but not that warm!

  2. You always bring sunshine to my day! Where's the pictures of your new patio set!?

  3. I love these pictures. So cute! But what's a "kuh-wer"? And I saw a recipe for baked kale with olive oil and salt that's supposed to make the kale turn into this potato chip-esque thing. I haven't been brave enough to try it yet, but I'll send it to you if you are!

  4. It's phonetically how he pronounces the word 'colors" I thought that would be easy for people to figure out, but looking back, maybe not so much. Sorry :)

  5. kale and cilantro? um, no. ;)
    But your boys sure look like they are having a great summer so far! Happy July!

  6. You can chop up your cilantro and put it into ice cube trays with some water and freeze it to keep it. I don't think you should do the same thing with the kale!

  7. um, that strawberry pie looks so good. drool. I might be purchasing organic strawberries very soon so I can make it. However, I refuse to spend more than 7.99/lb. Ha ha.

    Those boys of yours are too cute!

  8. Oooh! You should make kale chips. So good. Kale is one of my favorite things to eat. Really. Your boys are so awesome! Love the big box series.

  9. I have a kale pesto recipe that looks pretty yummy. I haven't tried it yet but it's on my "to try" list...maybe you can try it first and tell me if it's worth trying! :)

  10. "I am never more pleased at the father I chose for my boys than when I see them draped over his head.". I completely agree! There is something so appealing in seeing my little monkeys tackle their dad and him taming his strength to let them. Love it!


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