Friday, July 8, 2011

'Fess Up Friday~ Toaster Disasters and Little Old Men

Today, I'm tired. 

I'm tired and grumpy and it's my own fault because I stay up way too late and I get up way too early, and when I'm overtired I'm overly emotional and I tend to take it out on whoever is closest.

You know who is always closest?

My boys.

And that sucks because they are good boys who don't deserve a grumpy mama.

Today I felt every one of my zillion-thousand nerves we supposedly have in our bodies as my boys did a little tap dance across them. 

Eventually they stood on my last one, not by being naughty but just by being boys, and this mama had it.  

I threw a little internal temper-tantrum like Rumplestiltzkin when the princess guessed his name, then I put the younger set to bed and the older set in the basement. 

(Don't worry, it's a nice basement, not a dungeon)

Then I decided to come write a blog post and tell ya'll (there it is again) about it instead of taking a nap. 

Because I'm smart like that. 


Surprisingly, I already feel a little better just from admitting that sometimes I feel like a total loose canon and I absolutely do not have it all together. 

And from imagining myself as Rumplestitzkin. I love that story.

So let's get to the 'fessions..... ya'll. 


Several months ago, when we took The Bigs to the dentist and found out they had 11 cavities between them, we bought these fancy schmancy toothbrushes so that we could perfectly polish their pearly whites twice a day, every day. 

Last night when I was brushing B's teeth, I noticed that the battery was still going strong, even after several months, but I couldn't remember ever charging it. 

There are only three explanations for this.

a) The shoemaker's elves are taking on side gigs and now charge Sonicare toothbrushes for braindead parents. 

b) The battery on this thing is made of foreign alien matter and could power a nuclear generator.

c) We don't brush our kids teeth enough. 

What's your best guess on that? I'm thinking it's A.


Last week when I was cleaning the kitchen counter, Greyson's Nintendo DS was in my way, so I set it on the toaster. 

The next day it was still there and I thought 'hey, I should move that.'

But I didn't move it.

Later that afternoon, I noticed it again, and I thought,

'hey I should move that... what if someone tries to make toast and burns up the DS? Naaahhhhh. Who would do that? They would totally see it when they put the bread in.'

So I didn't move it.


Then the next morning, my boys made themselves breakfast.

Can you guess what happened?

Can you, can you?

If you thought they noticed the Nintendo DS laying across the top of all four toaster slots and moved it...

 you would be wrong. 

When I heard Greyson shrieking that someone was cooking his DS, I felt a little bad. 

Afterall, who puts a DS on top of a toaster and then just leaves it there? Multiple times.

Not me, that's for sure.

The bad news is that the underside of his DS, and the game that was in it, look like they had a run-in with some acid.

The good news is that they still work! 

Thank you, Nintendo, for making me forget all about the many Wii games that were scratched into uselessness immediately upon purchase.  That DS is a sturdy little contraption.


This week I had an experience that few mothers get to have. 

I got to see what one of my children will look like as a little old man.

I was just trying to capture a shot of him running through the flower garden at my mom's house, but apparently the weight of his cheeks  while running just couldn't stand up to the gravitational pull of the earth. 


Old Man Brecken.

I'm going to be watching him a lot more closely while he runs because I would hate for his face to get stuck like that. 

Maybe he needs some sort of headgear for support?


P.S. If you want to play along, just write a 'Fess Up post and come link up. I promise it will make you feel better.... half an hour ago I was spitting nails, but staring at Old Man Brecken has put me in a much better mood. Oh yeah, and putting them all down for naps probably helped too.


  1. oh, girl - i've had myself plenty of sleep deprived induced Rumplestitzkin moments.

    i'm a natural night owl as well - have to really push myself to get to bed at a decent hour...makes such a difference.

    the capture of the 'old man' is priceless!

    hope you are able to catch up on some rest this weekend. :)

  2. I have been grumpy and on edge lately too. I suppose the fact that I dropped my relatively new iphone yesterday and it hit just right causing it to crack in many different places on my screen didn’t help. It worked and I was totally willing to use it for the other 18 months till I could re-new it but hubby wasn’t having any of that. Spending $ on a phone replacement irritates me to NO END, it worked you guys, I was fine using a “cracked up” phone. (why couldn’t he just let me do that??) I know, he is very sweet, but hey, I could see 200.00 going to a lot better things than a phone, right? I don’t even LIKE talking on the phone! I am Grumpo, need to change that. Love the Fess Ups Kira!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that picture of Breken! You crack me up to no end. This post is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for hosting 'Fess Up Fridays. :)

  4. LOLL!! Well, hopefully he'll still have all that hair when he's old! Love it!

    And--yeah--at the boys making me MAD. I SO hear ya.

  5. @Selina

    Oh, man, I am SO sorry :( I dropped my first iPhone in the toilet two months after I got it and I was pretty darn sad.

  6. You are hilarious! Your blog is so fun to read. I love that photo of Brecken. There are no words to describe it's awesomeness. Also, the way your describe the internal tantrums...perfect. I have way more of those than I'd care to admit. I do hate it when my kids get the really short end of the stick when I'm a super grouchy pants. Deep breaths.

  7. I laughed so hard at that picture of Brecken that I think I pulled a muscle in my upper back. You always crack me up!

  8. And when your kids grow up and move out of the house all that crankiness still has to go somewhere. Hello husband : )

    Some days are just like that. Other days you probably feel iike you're the best mom in the world. Focus on those days!

    The picture is hilarious-definitely a keeper for a future wedding video.

  9. I read this last week and thought to myself, "If anyone has earned herself a vacation, it's Kira!" I'm so happy to see that you are getting away and hope you're having an awesome time! Love the "old man" shot - hilarious!


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