Friday, July 1, 2011

'Fess Up Friday ~ Numb bums and slugs

My backside is numb from sitting all day.

Wanna know why I've been sitting all day?

Because I'm OCD that's why, 

and apparently I don't know how to let stuff go.

To make a very long story short, I spent three hours today re-calibrating the monitors on my laptop and desktop and reading tutorials and trying to figure out what anti-aliased means and whether or not it was relevant to my problem. 

I still don't really know what anti-aliased means, and even though I've calibrated and calibrated and calibrated, my two computers still show me the same website differently.

Bah, humbug.  

I guess I will have to sleep on it and let my brain computer process for a while. Then in a few hours I can get up and have coffee (yippee!) and hopefully my brain will be ready to spit out the answer.

Wait a sec... is that what I was going to say in this post? 

Did you guys want to hear about my numb bum?


Who's in charge of this popsicle stand because I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be 'fessing up, not talking about calibrating.

 Let's get the train back on the tracks. 


This week my dad took the four boys and me out for a boat ride. When I got to the marina I was very careful to tuck my purse behind the back seat and lock all the doors.

When we got back from our boat ride two hours later, the doors were still locked... 

the ones that were closed, that is. 

The one that was wide open on the boys' side of the van, the one with my purse sitting directly in front of it, that one was not locked. 

It had not been locked, or even CLOSED, for two hours in a marina parking lot. 

And my purse was still there. 



One of the perks of being a mom of boys, is finding interesting things around the house. 

Such as this sandwich baggie containing a live slug that I found behind my couch.

Good times. 

Don't tell my husband, the slug hater, but I set it free in the backyard. 

I figured if it survived a three-year-old and a sandwich baggie, it deserved a second shot at life.


This week I asked Haydn to wipe down our leather recliner because there was an unidentified white... paste?... powder?... liquid? all over it. 

A little while later when I walked past the chair, I saw this.

Phew, that was a close call. I'm sure glad he labeled it and put up the towel forcefield or I would have totally sat there.


I took your comments seriously from a couple weeks ago

and wasted far too much time editing this photo.

You were right, it definitely needed the chalk line. 


I stole these little trailing dots from my new friend at Stone Soup for Five

I love them. They make me feel absurdly organized while expressing many random, unrelated and often incoherent thoughts.

When I popped over there tonight I got sucked into her blog, which is full of great stuff like tutorials for low-sugar strawberry freezer jam. 

However, it was this post about how being addicted to the internet and social media can change the makeup of your brain that really got me to thinking.

You guys.

It freaked me OUT.

Because I think I might have a problem.

I really think I'm addicted to the internet and social media and my computer. 

And my bum is still numb.

Because I am still sitting here.  



  1. You and your numb bum crack me up (had to edit... I first typed numb bumb).

    Ya, I'm totally tweaked too about the brain thing. I FEEL it happening. I don't think it's early Alzheimers (which scares me even more) but I was scared... either way, it's a frightening thought to be able to permanently change what little brain I have.

    Thanks for the link. Thanks for the laughs. Love your blog!

  2. hahaha slug in a ziploc- classic!

    How funny that is that you still let it free. . . I woulda squooshed it!!!!!! <<<I must have brain injury too because I can't spell, and when I do spell things wrong I feel like I didn't because I was using phonics!

  3. I'm crackin' up over the slug in a bag too. Hey, at least it didn't end up in pockets. You don't want to know how many worms I've pulled out of pockets after the hubs and son go fishing - I think my husband taught my son to put them there, cause they both do it.

    I absolutely love that Haydn put that towel and sticky note on the recliner. Such a sharp guy!!

  4. Now it looks like a crime scene! Oh and thanks for the link to stone soup...I've been looking for a low sugar strawberry jam recipe!

  5. Too funny!! Love this weeks confessional Kira! The slug and the sticky note are especially hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. The sticky note on the chair is PRICELESS! Aren' you glad you capture these things on film/camera/digital device?

    Oh, and I didn't do Fess Up Friday today, but check out my post from today (at least the beginning, you don't have to read the whole thing because if you do, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it!)

  7. youre posts always make me laugh.

    love the chair. haha. im the person who would sit on it and get annoyed if it was wet.

    oh the doors! why it is when we always seem to be extra careful... lol. glad it worked out in your favor.

    slugs. eww. but youre right he did deserve another chance.


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