Sunday, June 5, 2011

iPhone Recap

Last week I was syncing my phone and came across a bunch of photos I'd forgotten about. 

Such as this little gem. This is a picture of my buttermilk clabbering for the first time. I'm really glad I preserved this memory for all of time, because sheesh, who would want to forget the first time they clabbered? 

This was last weekend, when Haydn informed me he was having a Book Sale in the front yard and was going to make big bucks. He set up his table, his stack of books (remind me to teach him the art of an eye-catching display) hung his sign, and he was open for business.
 Notice the rock taped to the bottom of the sign to weigh it down. Clever boy. 
 Much to my surprise, he made $2.50! 

This was the day after Grey faceplanted in the street. His eye was pretty much swelled shut, but he was so tough. And you would not BELIEVE how fast he healed. It was like watching Wolverine regenerate. It's been exactly one week and there isn't even a scab left. Just new pink skin. I'm completely jealous.
 This is the view I had sitting in the audience for the Broadway play "Wicked" I found out it was coming to my area over a year ago, and I've been excited about it ever since. It did not disappoint. In fact, I think it may have ruined me for any other play for ever. 

This is what I did while I wasn't blogging. See, I told you there was a direct correlation between the amount I blog and the state of my fingers. Now that I'm posting again, I have bare nails except for a little chipped up patch on my pinky. Because everyone knows that having only one fingernail painted is classy.

 When I opened my eyes on Mother's Day morning, there were two little faces staring at me and my present was sitting on the bed two-inches from my face. 

Greyson made it in kindergarten, and I remember getting the exact same present when Haydn was in kindergarten three years ago. 

 He was so cute and proud, and protective of his little man nipples, it made my day. 

My husband is the manager for our family-owned business, which is a plant nursery. Visiting him at work certainly has it's perks. 

Such as strolling  through the hothouse and choosing a beautiful hanging basket. 

And when we got in the car afterwards I noticed Rowan had stowed away a worm in this little plastic bottle and was pulling him out to play. It's always fun to be driving down the freeway shouting "Put your worm away! Put it AWAY!"

 This was taken at one of Haydn's Little League games. 

Nobody warned us that these games take almost three hours and it may rain or snow on you at any moment, but the boys were good sports. They found a pack of other kids to play with and raced around having a grand ole' time.

Well, mostly a great time. Sometimes it was boring. 

But they made the best of it.

 This is a random shot that I was totally unaware of. Apparently one of the times I handed Rowan my phone to play Monkey Lunchbox he spent snapping photos of me driving. 

Speaking of random photos. This one was taken by my three-year-old AND uploaded to my Twitter and Facebook accounts completely without my knowledge. He can't even read. 
How. Did. He. Do. That?

 This was our first time at the dentist, and Haydn's first time seeing a copy of "Ripley's Believe it or Not"  

This was the day I called and called for Rowan, checked the backyard, the front yard, and the basement, and eventually almost tripped over him when I walked through the living room.

Brecken really likes to do his own hair. This was the day he used most of a tub of gel to plaster down every hair on his head.

 And this was the day he used half a stick of butter to stand it back up.

This was the day we got an official 'baby swing' Mr. B is completely thrilled and will happily swing for 30 minutes straight if someone will just stand there and push him. I've been listening to books on tape on my iPhone while I do it, and now we're both happy. 

 One day I glanced out the back window and saw these two little faces staring back at me. 

Rowan was having a great time, but Brecken..... not so much. 

 This picture is kind of old, but it reminded me of the fact that Rowan reached a major milestone this last week. He learned to pump his legs. He's not quite four, and he no longer calls "Mama, you push me?" Now he calls "Mama, WOOK at me!!!!" as he goes higher and higher. Bittersweet.

Okay, so that's the last of the roundup, must get ready for church~ Happy Sunday! And if anyone cares, I used the Instagram app for most of these. That has to be my favorite photo app. 


  1. loved this. made me laugh out loud. your hadyn reminds me of avery. he always wants to have some sort of sale outside. and he usually has just as beautiful of displays. somehow he always rakes it the day he decided to sell monster pictures and made 10 bucks.

  2. Kira, oh my! I kept reading – and looking at each picture – and thinking what amazing memories they were – captured. And I smiled with each one – and kept thinking that one's the best – no that one's the best – no that one's the best – but they were all the best. although, between you and me, I think your three-year-old had help – if not – genius in the making. I smiled all the way through – thank you – perfect. God bless you and each and every one of yours.

  3. I LOVE this! You make me realize how much fun I can have being a mom. I love my job, but let's face it, if we don't highlight the little "great" stuff, we will miss this whole amazing ride of motherhood. Thanks for reminding me to use my mental "highlighter" for the moments I might pass by...
    YOU are AWESOME!

  4. This was a great post. Where were your arms in your driving picture? Hmmm . . . How DID he upload the photo to FB??

    Also. Love the hair by Brecken. Awesome! :)

  5. Your Haydn and my Caden are two peas in a pod. He's my little entrepreneur, and I have the sweetest pictures of him doing a "mini yard sale" last fall. He made $2.50 as well, but that was from selling cookies I made to the teenager next door. :)

  6. For some reason Grey covering up his "man nipples" and Rowan and his worm were my favorite. Kaelah is having a hard time getting used to all the insects out now that it is summer. She screams like someone is attacking her, it freaked me out the first 5 times now I just wonder what bug is crawling towards her. She needs to hang around Rowan a few hours to get her bug fears in check.

  7. How sweet! Your boys are SO CUTE! And your 3-year-old isn't the only one. The librarian I work with has a 3-year-old grandson who moves her apps around and creates folders for them. It's ridiculous. In a good way, I guess, considering that by the time they get to be 33, there will be no such thing as pens and paper and everyone will have to know how to use an iGadget. :-)

  8. I think that I have the most thoughtful readers ever. Your comments always amaze me. Thanks you guys.


I adore reading your comments; they bring sunshine to my day. Thanks for reading!


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