Saturday, June 11, 2011

If You're Feeling Ignored, You might be a No-Reply Commenter

You know, I have some of the most thoughtful readers in Blogland. You guys are always leaving me comments that truly make my day. 

All too often, however, I get these lovely, insightful comments in my inbox and I'm stirred to respond, but when I hit the "reply" button I am met with the Address Bar of Doom: aka the No-Reply Commenter. 

Oh, the humanity. 

Now what shall I do? I can either reply via a comment on my own blog, which isn't very effective because I personally never check back after I comment on someone's blog, or I can start a round of comment tag. I typically comment on people's blogs who visit mine anyways, because I really appreciate their visit, but there just has to be a simpler way to say "Loved your comment~ thanks!'

Hold on to your pants folks because there IS a simpler way! 

All you have to do to make it easier for people (a.k.a blogspot bloggers) to respond to your comment is check a teeny little box on your blogger/google profile:

I know I know, it's scary. 

I had my email address hidden forever because I like my privacy, 'yo. 

However, after reading a post about how to avoid being a 'no-reply commenter' (so sorry, I have no idea where it is now) I set up a gmail account that I didn't mind sharing online and I checked that little box. 

I'm so glad I did.

I haven't had any spam from it and I now receive responses from blogs that I comment on, because for them it's as simple as replying to an email. I've even received a couple responses from 'big bloggers, like Cheri @ I am Momma Hear Me Roar

Excuse me while I pick up the name I just dropped.

After you check that little box, you will now have a link under your profile picture that looks like this:

You have just made it MUCH easier for people to respond to you when you leave a lovely, thoughtful comment on their blog, and you are no longer a "No-Reply" commenter. 

Here's one more tip, for those of you who are receiving blog posts via email. Did you know, you don't even have to visit the blog to comment? Just hit 'reply' on the email in your inbox and write them an email response. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie. 

Happy Saturday!


  1. I was so glad to "meet" you this morning when I was checking my blog! I found your blog through Taylor's and have really enjoyed it!

    Thanks for following me too!

  2. Thanks for all your support of this blogging rookie!

  3. great tutorial - i'll be passing it along to a few of my 'no-reply' bloggy friends.

    i created a blogging email address when i first started my blog for this very reason too.

    now, if only blogger would make it possible to reply to existing comments, that would make things a bit easier to.

    i tried using disqus to power my comments for a while - but they were unreliable to always have a comment link available.


  4. I just barely started "showing" my email address a little while ago, and I'M SO GLAD I DID! Otherwise, I probably never would receive replies to my comments from you - which totally make MY day! ;) xoxo

  5. Ah ha!

    Also, I think I used to use "Name/URL" (I am on wordpress), which meant that people couldn't reply to me either.

    Could you do me a wee favour and check that I am not a "noreply" blogger!

    I thought I had the email option on, but if I could just check that it is working I would be so grateful!

    Ta muchly!

  6. Thank you! Thank you! I have always wondered how some people I can just email back right away. I am going to link people to this post for a week or more! I totally LOVE it! I needed this important information in my life!


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