Friday, June 3, 2011

'Fess Up Friday~ On Lobsters, Onions, and Robinese

Hola! Or as my son has been saying it lately, Hoe-lah! The 'h' is not silent in his version. Also not to be confused with Holla, which is completely different. 

It is Friday, it is raining, and I am 'fessing up. Let's get this party started. 


  • My friend, who is semi famous, had a beautiful baby boy this week.  I enjoyed watching the progression of her birth via Facebook, but I was careful not to comment on her status updates. Like I said, she is semi famous.... I did not want 99 notifications every time someone else commented after me. And besides.... I am part of this semi-famous friend's entourage, and I can text her directly. Neiner neiner neiner. 

  • This is going to horrify you Type A people. See this little tag on my shoe? The plastic ring thingie that used to hold the price tag? It's been there for... almost two years. I just noticed it for the first time the other day. Know what's worse? Even if I had seen it sooner, I wouldn't have done anything about it.

  • I've been noticing a weird trend on Pinterest lately ~ lobsters. There are lobsters EVERYWHERE. Lobster cards, lobster pinatas, lobster appetizers, lobster shirts. Several things about this bother me. Such as the fact that lobster decorations really only seem appropriate for people who have parties in Maine. Or the fact that there is no national holiday in which lobster really plays a big role. Or the fact that people are trying to force me into believing lobsters can be cute, when in actuality... lobsters are scary. So are owls. But that didn't stop the owl extravaganza that's been going on for the past year did it? 
  • My boys finished up school this week (HOLLA!.... not to be confused with hoe-lah) I wanted to do something for their teachers as a thank-you for being so amazing this year, so I whipped up these cute little bags of magnets with a Starbucks card and a personalized name thingie they can put somewhere in their class. When I gave it to Grey's teacher, she thanked me profusely, and instead of just saying "You're welcome!" I blurted out "The name thing was actually your Christmas present, but I just got it finished. Sorry." 

  • I'm learning to speak 'robin.' I'm actually pretty good at it. For instance, when I hear a high-pitched rapidfire chirping coming from the backyard, I know my three-year-old is once again trying to climb in the tree where the Robin family built their nest.... right on the second branch from the ground. Right at three-year-old eye level. I come running whenever I hear the bird in a tiff, because she is LOUD, and I chase him away, but really, it's not my fault she didn't read the travel reviews of our yard. If she had, she would have known that two and three-year-olds live here and nests on lower branches are kind of a bad idea. 

  • My friend's cellphone auto-corrects my husband's name every time she tries to type it. Instead of Jarrod Mack, his name turns into Karma Naked. I find this very entertaining. My poor husband... he really got gypped in the nickname department. If it's not Jerry Berry Pumpkin Fairy, it's Karma Naked. 
  • I drove past a school today and heard a loud blaring alarm going off. I actually slammed on the brakes because for a moment I was concerned that they had some sort of alarm system that sounded when someone drove too fast through a school zone. Then I realized the school was running a fire drill, and no one in fact cared how fast I was driving. 
  • Look what I found in my pantry. Tell me this is not normal onion behavior. Are they selling live onions at the store?!

  • Sometimes when I'm driving, I like to plan out my answers in case we ever play "Two Truths and a Lie" at MOPS again (it's been two years since the last time). Here's what I have so far.... bet you can't tell me which one is the lie.

  1. I've been pulled over for reckless driving
  2. I've had three tickets
  3. My first car accident was when I backed into a parked boat

Don't forget that I am hosting my first giveaway this week and I hope that all of you enter to win a one-year subscription to Plan to Eat! I wrote about it here, but if you want to skip to the chase and just enter the drawing, you can do that over on the top right side of my blog. Happy Friday! 


  1. cracking up about the tag on your shoe, yes, that would be bothering me as I am a Type A. I actually own those same shoes - payless? Love em.

    Those magnets are super cute. They are going on my to do list. Perfect teacher gift, thanks for sharing.

    And I started reading The Bronze Horseman this week and I am almost done. CANNOT PUT IT DOWN! It is your fault my house is a mess and my kids are in their pjs all day. Did you know there is a sequel? Luckily for me my library does not have it, so we can resume to the land of the living until I cave in and order from Amazon.

    And how long WAS that onion in your pantry before it came to life?

  2. The speaking Robin is my favorite! That is so funny and I can picture Rowan tring to be a bird himself!

  3. I've totally done that before with a shoe. Except I knew it was there, and simply did not care.

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  5. I do silly things like slamming on the breaks for false alarms all the time! Also, your husband's auto-correct name is HILARIOUS! I love auto-correct so much! Well, except for when it changes Maxi Dress into Nazi Dress - not so funny. Haha.

    Hey, maybe if you plant that onion you'll never have to buy onions again!

    I can't wait to find out which are the truths and which is the lie!!!

    I just love reading your posts! You absolutely crack me up!!!

  6. you are a funny funny girl. :) have a great weekend!

  7. Girl, I am just gonna warn you, if you see me running after you with scissors, don't be worried, I just am going after your shoe!

    So glad you are in my entourage!
    Love you friend.

  8. You actually plan the two truths and a lie thing? That's why some people are such winners at that game. I never think to plan that sort of thing ahead...

    Loved your post! Glad to drop over here from the Lumberjack's Wife!

  9. Hmm... I don't think that Percy Jackson is good for kids that young. Wait till he's 10 or 11. I would suggest looking into Dave Pilkey's books. Even though you may not be thrilled about something titled Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants, the kids love them and they're cute despite the bathroom humor. Also, check out Andrew Clements. He doesn't write series, but he's got a ton of stand alone novels. And the last thing I can think of right now is the Animorphs series. They're old, but they fly off of my library shelves like nobody's business.

    Thanks for asking me! I feel all knowledgeable now! :-) And YES!!! My wedding is in 6 days! I am getting really excited!!! So many little things left to do.

    Hope you're doing well, blooming like that onion from your pantry! :-)

  10. "Are they selling live onions at the store?" Too funny. Actually laughed out loud. So glad Taylor mentioned your blog...I needed a good laugh.

  11. Cut that thing off your shoe! It's driving me crazy!


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