Thursday, June 9, 2011

'Fess Up Friday~ Moldy Sauce and A Flustered Groupie


  • I like to play Life is a Musical. You know, where you sing everything you say, sometimes in an opera-ish way. My family really loves when I do this; they don't find it at all annoying. In fact, my boys cheer and beg me to continue. Oh yes, they do.  

  • Yesterday morning I felt inspired to bake my children some applesauce bread before they woke up, just like Little House on the Prairie. I took a brand new jar of applesauce from the cupboard, but when I opened it there was a little bit of mold on the top. I had a long moment of indecision where I weighed the trouble it would take to return the jar to the store against just throwing it away. Then I decided nobody was watching and I could just scoop off the moldy part and make me some bread anyways, because I'm pretty sure mold is good for you in a penicillin kind of way. I was so distracted with all this heavy applesauce thinking, that I completely forgot to include the honey. This made for a crumbly, dry, bland, sad little loaf. Maybe that was God's way of saving us from the moldy-applesauce-laced bread. 

  • My husband, the landscaper/nursery man, built me a garden box for Mother's Day. He also planted the vegetables, herbs, and seeds (dirt on my hands squigs me out) and he is in charge of watering it every morning. My part will come in when it's time to pick the zucchini and take full credit for the fruits of his labor... er, vegetables of his labor?

  • I've listened to two 9-hour books on tape this week, and now even when I'm not wearing my ear buds I feel like they're there. I keep trying to pull them out and it's driving me nuts. Probably I should take a wee break from Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter... 

  • I'm still dealing with The Bumps. This is my box of gear that I use when I experiment with all kinds of weird homemade and internet remedies 'treat' him, twice a day. It's starting to make me feel a little like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, but without the great hair.

  • I bought a new candle and the lady who sold it to me promised it would be the best candle of my entire life, as long as I didn't ruin it. Apparently, the first burning is the most critical burning in a candle's life. It's a very serious thing. She told me it was imperative that I let it burn to within an 1/8 inch of the side the first time so that I could "set the memory" of the candle. Who knew candles were so sensitive? The first time I burned it, I started it at 4 in the afternoon assuming that would be plenty of time... however, I was still babysitting the candle at 12:30 in the morning, with 1/4-inch to go before the "memory" on my candle was properly set. I finally decided that this was not going to be the best candle of my whole life. I apologized to the candle, blew it out, and went to bed. 

Last weekend I had my first experience with feeling like a flustered groupie. For reals. I was at a huge local antiques and craft fair (where I bought the aforementioned magical candle) and I glanced over and did a double,  and then a triple take. Stacy Julian was standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME. 

What? You don't know who Stacy Julian is?! For shame. She is a famous scrapbooker, and the former editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Yes, I subscribe to a magazine dedicated solely to the magical world of scrapbooking and my heroes are scrapbookers. Don't judge me. Stacy Julian also taught the online iScrap class I took a few months ago (and never completed the album for... shhhhh). 

And there she was, standing right next to me, looking exactly like she does on the internet. It was the craziest thing I've ever experienced. Okay, maybe not the craziest, but it was close. And before I knew what was happening I was blurting out "Are you Stacy Julian?!" And she smiled and nodded and looked at me questioningly because when someone exclaims your name like that, you assume they have something intelligent to say or ask you. Nope. I just stared at her, because I momentarily forgot English, and my mom and my sister just WALKED AWAY and left me all alone with a celebrity and I had no one there to corroborate my story or take my picture with her! It was appalling. 

I'm pretty sure I stuttered something ridiculous like "I'm... I'm a FAN! I..... read your tweets." And she smiled kindly and said "Aren't you sweet. I have some granola for you!" and she pulled out this adorably packaged granola from her purse and just HANDED it to me! Like she brought along a purseful of snacks to throw to rabid fans in case she got attacked at the Farm Chicks show. 

Can you believe that? For the next hour I couldn't even concentrate on the antiques fair because I was thinking of all the things I should have said to my scrapbooking hero. I didn't even get a picture with her. I did, however, get a picture with the granola that she gave me. 

Notice the slightly crazy-eyed expression. I would have thrown me some granola too.

So what about you? Did you nearly attack your hero this week? Share your 'fess ups in the comments OR better yet, write your own post and link up with me! 


  1. aren't you adorable with your granola! :) love it!

  2. Oh, dear. I wish I could have seen you at in your starstruck moment. :)

  3. "Rabid fans"--ha! Stacy did actually mention in a blog post last week that she and her sister made this fabulous granola and that if anyone saw her at Farm Chicks she would share some. So she probably figured you had read her blog and were hungry for a snack. :)

    I really need to stop simply commenting and start 'fessing up...

  4. I, too, live a life set to music. However my kids tend to bounce between rolling their eyes and jumping right in when I sing the menu options for breakfast ... depending on how well they slept, I guess. :)

  5. LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!! on the applesauce bread. fabulous.

  6. lol this certainly made me smile.

    My fess up is that I barely did anything productive today due to a sleep deprived night. But a dear friend told me once that if I do nothing in my day other than keep my baby alive then it is a productive day. So I guess it was productive after all.

  7. Hey Kira, thanks for the comment on my post`! I tried to link my post on your site, but I am not sure if I was successful. I am such a blog virgin. Let me know if it didn't work... there is a little red "x" beside my name and I wasn't sure if that meant something "bad"! :)

  8. No joke, there are tears in my eyes laughing about the granola lady...ok Stacy Julian. You are so funny!

  9. I was at Farm Chicks!! Oh my word. We were there for almost 7 hours! I did not know of any of those famous people. I am not a scrapper. I am not really crafty. But I'm a great buyer! Love your blog. It makes me happy to laugh out loud and have my boys think I'm crazy :)

  10. Hello Kissing.... that is short for, well, hopefully you know; I just have to say that I walked away, not realizing that Stacy Julian was present because I got unfairly and completely sucked into a MOUNTAIN, yes, a MOUNTAIN, of gorgeous, yes, GORGEOUS, vintage linens!! Hugs! and I am totally loving your blog...and I am not sure if I am showing who I am or not (not as technically gifted as Kira)...but it is I, your sister!!

  11. Ah, this was fun! Love your story about Stacy and the granola.
    I have had the opportunity to meet a couple "stars" and find solace only in the fact that they meet so many people, I'm sure they don't remember whatever it was I fumbled around trying to say. *whew!*

    I stopped by from Gianna's blog, and am so glad to have met you today. Thanks for the smiles.


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