Friday, June 17, 2011

'Fess Up Friday~ Brown Smoothies and Lego-Man Casualties

Howdy! I'm supposed to be going camping in about six hours, my trailer is not packed, my house is a wreck, it's midnight and I'm blogging. Whoo hoo, let the 'fessing up begin. 

  • Here's some of the more interesting google searches that have been used to find my blog this week:

"can i use applesauce with small mold" ~ Yes, yes you can. Just don't forget the 
honey in your bread or using the moldy applesauce is pointless.

"prohibitive thumb sucking device" ~ really? HOW did I get pulled up in that search? 
I almost never call people thumb-sucking whiners. 

  • I've been sneaking spinach in my boys' smoothies. Turns out that big wads of green stuff turns smoothies brown. Who knew!

Do the boys care that their smoothies are kind of mauvy-brown?

No they do not. 

  • One thing I like about being up in the middle of the night is hearing my two-year-old laughing in his sleep. He must have some pretty great dreams because he chuckles quite a bit. Jarrod doesn't laugh in his sleep. He talks about plumbing sprinkler lines and asks me if I've got a 90. Do you know what a 90 is? Me neither. 

  • Check out this cute Father's Day printable I found on Pinterest.

I had my three older boys fill it out for Jarrod for Father's Day and I got some interesting responses.

Apparently Jarrod's age is either 31, 45, or 3.

    He is either 6 ft, 100 ft, or 4 ft tall. 

    And he weighs 200, 20, or 4 pounds. 

    Interviewing my boys is like trying to nail down a description of Big Foot. 

  • Also on Pinterest were these adorable baby hats that I was ohhing and awing over recently.
Source: via Kira on Pinterest

  Aren't they cute? I actually considered buying one for a moment, but then I remembered I do not have a newborn. And besides... who needs a fancy hat when you can improvise with a onesie? It works just as well. 

  • My scotch tape has been mysteriously disappearing. I can't keep it in stock. It's hard to say for sure where it goes, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Rowan's new super claws. 

  • Speaking of Rowan, did you know he's independent? Yes, and he likes to dress himself too. On the way to the Little League end-of-season pizza party, he hopped out of the van and swaggered into the restaurant sporting these fancy kicks. 

When he saw I was a little dismayed, he just struck a pose and said "Oh yeah, I wike 'em wike dat!" 

I choose my battles. He can have this one. 

  • There was another Lego-man vs garbage disposal incident this week. 

The garbage disposal won. 

That's the photo I took while I played Lego-Man CSI and envisioned a little white chalk outline around him. It's Jarrod's fault for making me watch all those shows. 

  • A friend of mine was all nicely tanned last time I saw her, so I asked her where she'd found the sun. Know what she said? ALASKA. It's warmer in Alaska right now than it is in Idaho. That's just wrong. In fact, we are having the coldest June on record, and that is the excuse I will use for why I still have a shamrock hanging by my front door. It feels like March, so I'm decorating for March.

  • Let's play a little game. It's called "One of these things is not like the other"

What? You don't have the blade for your mini stick blender sitting next to the makeup brushes in your bathroom? How else will you whip up a milkshake to drink in the bath without the five boys in your house knowing about it? It's perfectly logical if you think about it. 

Okay, that's all I have time for this week. Here's the linky tool if anyone wants to come play along with me. Laughing at laugh and keeping it real is good for you, try it!


  1. I love your writing-you're funny! One of our favorite videos (I'm old so yes, its VHS) is my then three year old daughter peeking into her Easter Basket and exclaiming with great excitement-"LOOK!! I GOT MY VERY OWN TAPE!" Loved her some scotch tape : )

  2. GREAT POST this week! You are hilarious!

    I am a bit jealous - we LOVE camping, especially when it's cool and a bit rainy!!!

    You kids are the cutest! I love the mismatched shoes on the wrong feet and the claw. I am so glad you're documenting all of this!! They'll love looking back at all of this.

    It's so funny (not funny like haha, funny) that our are weather conditions are polar opposites - we are having one of the hottest Junes on record. We're dancing with 100 degrees almost daily.

    Hope you guys have a GREAT camping trip!!!

  3. Am I supposed to be getting ready for a camping trip too? I so much prefer reading your posts and linking up. FUF is so much fun :-)

  4. i'm guessing if your hubby is dreaming of plumbing things and asks for a "90", he's asking for a 90 degree angled pipe or "elbow" or something else related to plumbing...just a guess, though...don't ask me how i know this..... :)

  5. For Christmas last year, we gave our princess Pea (who had just turned 4) 3 or 4 rolls of scotch tape and then proceeded to tell her NOT to TOUCH mommy's. I think it might have worked. Maybe!

  6. Oh my goodness Kira! I laughed out loud from the second I read about Rowan's shoes to the end. I especially liked the reference to the CSI shows. THose are definitely some of my not-so-guilty pleasures. :-)

  7. ive eaten applesauce with mold on the top. oops. oh well im still here ;]

    whenever i read anything in quotes by your kids, I say it out loud and it makes it that much more hilarious and adorable.

    bless the little lego man (i have an entire lego table in the back of my jeep from when I was a kid.) they have a special place in my heart lol.

    i long for cool weather. its so hot here we're having forest fires. seriously. its been raining ash not even kidding. lucky you savour it!!


  8. You know it! Being famous is one of my life's goals! :-)

  9. You definately should've drawn the chalk line for the pic!!

  10. This is AWESOME! Haha, the claws are my favorite I think. Also, YAY for other moms who let their kids dress themselves! Sometimes I relinquish my control and let Em pick it all out and other times I have to throw in my two cents. My husband is pretty anti-letting the kids pick out their clothes. I love that your Rowan is wearing two entirely different shoes on the wrong feet AND he knows that's how he likes it.


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