Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's 7 a.m. and I can hear my two-year-old in his crib talking to himself, alternating between an ode to chicken nuggets and his favorite catch phrase "Let me seeeeee..... ummm, NO!" 

He's becoming quite the chatterbox. Repeating everything his brothers say, watching their movements and trying to copy their body language. He is the family parrot and it's very entertaining. 

Most of the time. 

Do you guys remember Kid History episode 4, which I posted a couple months ago? If not, watch it immediately. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. It will be the funniest six minutes of your day, I promise. 

My family has seen it so many times that my kids quote it. 

A lot.

In fact, the two-year-old can even quote it. There is a line in that episode where they are having an argument, and one of the guys ends every point with the declaration "FACT!" 

Now when Mr. B hears a line from Kid History (yes, he can identify them) he scrunches up his face and shouts "FACT!" Usually multiple times. 

Do you know what it sounds like when a two-year-old shouts 'fact'? 

Kind of slurred and missing the T at the end..... 

Yep, it sounds like a first-class F-bomb. 

Try explaining to a two-year-old that he should say 'fact' more quietly when he is in public lest people shun his mother for raising a sailor. 

Or sitting at a Little League baseball game with an adorable little guy on the bench next to you, other families all around, and having his little voice suddenly shout out "FAAAAAAAAACT!  Fact... fact, fact, FACCCCCCt!". And having those other families glance at you sideways and shake their heads and wonder...

What is this world coming to...

when a cute kid like that has such a dirty mouth. 



  1. Ha! Jarrod was trying to tell David about this Kid History thing on Saturday!! David was looking like he wasn't following too well. (David is a bit stressed these days.) As soon as this rental yard makeover is done and we can relax, I will show David the link.

    When my second daughter was little she could not say the "k" sound and substituted the "t" sound. It was always uber disturbing when she talked about "kitties."
    If you know what I mean . . .

  2. Awesome.
    Thanks for the reminder to show it to my husband, because I keep forgetting. I might be disappointed in his reaction, though, because he doesn't always share my love of the "stupid humor" variety. No idea why...

  3. oh dear - completely with you. our {just turned} 3 yr old mis-pronounces TRUCK....oh yes.

    he regularly YELLS in delight when he sees one (real or toy) ....

    he can't quite get the 'T' sound, rather it begins with Fwa....

    oye, i feel as though i *always* need to repeat back to him what he's said so random strangers are not appalled! :)

  4. Love it!!! Those Kid History videos are so hilarious!!!

  5. Good news: My hubby just watched Episode IV with lots of LOLing. I feel so affirmed. :)

    (What's up with the spam comment? You must be getting super popular...)

  6. funny! i love the mispronunciations of 2 year old. thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

    my recent post: from where you came

  7. Too funny. My daughter doesn't pronounce her 's' which is really cute... until we get to the park and she screams, "Look, that girl has a scooter just like me." What those parents must of thought I was teaching my daughter.


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