Thursday, June 30, 2011

Backyard Sightings

Recently, Jarrod brought me home two chairs to put on my little deck just outside the slider door. 

I was pretty excited about this because I've wanted chairs for a long time. 

Much to my surprise, the youngest member of our family has gotten the most use out of them. 

It's his new favorite perch. 

Perfect for lining up Cars-Cars.

Or for when you need to give your siblings and cousin a shower.

It works out well because I can see him while I'm cooking dinner.

And he can see everything else that is going on in the yard.

Look, there are things growing! My first zucchini plant in my first garden has it's first little teeny tiny zucch on it. It's about an inch long and I'm so proud I feel like a new grandma.

And I picked some kale last night to put in our soup. It's all very exciting. 

Also seen roaming our yard: Peter Pan

With two different shoes, as usual. 

It's finally starting to look like summer around here. You know... except for the rain clouds and the wind that are currently blowing through. 


  1. Your family is ADORABLE! I love your little guy's perch and those mismatched shoes are the best! I might just start rocking the mismatched shoe fad, myself.

  2. Precious! He's so cute playing with those cars! Melts my heart!

  3. I love the one of him sticking his tongue out. How cute!

  4. Your boys are cute! Congrats on your garden...I have tomatoes, they're green but they're getting bigger. Now if I can just keep Wild Kingdom out of my yard I will have delicious home grown tomatoes. We kinda stick to pots because there is too much animal activity in our yard to manage a regular garden.

  5. Love these pictures. Don't you just love boys and how seriously they take their cars? :)

  6. Mismatched shoes, brave warriors with their battle face on, and the concentration of a committed car fan... Love it! Such treasures! You are a wealthy woman!

  7. Could I please kiss those cheeks a thousand times?

    I have to laugh at myself when I go to inspect my garden beds. I never thought of the grandma analogy, but it's so spot on.

    My kale is going crazy. I need to make some soup! I thought of sneaking it into smoothies, too. Have you tried that?


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