Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Coming

Oh yes, it's coming. In just a couple weeks, I will no longer have to get four kids (plus myself) changed, dressed, fed, combed, brushed, packed and prodded out the door by 8 a.m. Can I get a holla? Holla! (That was for you, Taylor

Having one in third grade and one in kindergarten has meant three trips a day to the school, 40 minutes each trip, for the last nine months. I guarantee you I am more excited for summer break than my kids are. 

And I'm feeling optimistic that perhaps I will actually be brave enough to take them somewhere this summer. We spent most of last summer in the house because Rowan was a bit of a loose cannon and I had to keep him on a leash when we went out in public. Literally. I can't find the picture right now or I would show you. 

But this year, me and my four fellas are goin' places and I can't wait. 

That's why I'm going to take a couple weeks off here, just till school's out, and re-group. I'm feeling a little spastic and out-of-control, which means something has to give. I actually picked up a book tonight (The Help, in case anyone's wondering.... I've been commanded to read it by at least five credible sources so I must obey) and Jarrod said "Wow, it's kind of nice to see you reading a book instead of perching awkwardly on that stool plunking away on your computer."  

Doesn't that paint a lovely picture? I've been perching, awkwardly, and plunking over here, people. 


SO, I am going to be a little scarce on this blog, except for maybe Fridays, until the first week of June. 

I'm sure after a little break my husband will look over and say "My, you look so ethereal as your fingers fly across the keys. Please, continue." 

Yeah, that's definitely what's going to happen. 


  1. We definitely need to take our boys places together this summer! I'm planning to be a little more brave too since my older 2 are more reliable and that frees me up slightly to (somewhat) control Archer! Let me know how you like The Help. It's been on my "to read" list for far too long.

  2. :-) I'm couting down the days too. We've got 8 more, if you don't count today. And I don't even have kids! Have a nice break! Can't wait till you're back to the "plunking" :-)

  3. Don't blame you for the blogging break one tiny bit!!! I will be here waiting - with bells on (does that phrase work here too?).

    I cannot wait to hear all about your summer adventures with your boys! :)

  4. Know what is weird? I've been stressing out if I am READY for summer (believe me, I'm with you on wanting school to be out!) but I am thinking that if I am SMART I'll implement a chore schedule, piano practicing schedule, fun time schedule, maybe a prize and reward schedule. It's horrible! I have been reading WAY too many blogs and pining things from Pinterest. That is my problem. I just need to settle down (-: Anyway, enjoy reading your book (I have mine on "order") and I probably should have just emailed you this instead of writing a mile long comment - sorry friend.

  5. I hope to see some painted nails then if your blogging is going to be slowing down and I expect to see you drive out to Athol every so often too;) we do summer out here redneck style. Just got 10 chickens tonight so your boys can come chase them around the yard and then swing and side and then bounce on the trampoline and then run in the sprinklers and then . . . okay I will stop there.


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