Friday, May 6, 2011

'Fess Up Friday~ Milk Bombs and Wrinkly Noses

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm completely scatterbrained this week. I've had at least 10 really good 'fess ups, ones that I think there is no way I will forget, and now here it is FRIDAY and *surprise* I can't remember them. This is why we write down the ridiculous things we do, people, so that there is no danger of forgetting about them. Se la vie, let's get to it! 


  • I have a page where I list some of the blogs I like. If they have a blog button, I post it there. The other day I checked the page and imagine my surprise when I saw that the Coffeeshop's cute little button had suddenly morphed into..... this.

Yikes. It was HUGE and right in the middle of my link list. What else could I do but take a screenshot to preserve the freaky beast with the ram skull head. Then I deleted it as quickly as possible. 

  • I knew it was time to buy toothpaste when I saw the toothpaste container had been slit from top to bottom so the last remaining drops in the tube could be scraped onto Jarrod's toothbrush. Alas, I do not have a picture of this. I meant to get one, but my husband threw it away before I could. Did you hear me? The one time I needed him to leave something, he cleaned up after himself. 

  • I have the number for my local Papa Murphy's memorized. It's kind of sad actually. 

  • One time when I was in highschool, a boy told me I wrinkle my nose when I laugh. I imagined he meant in a cute, Anne of Green Gables sort of way. I now know it is actually more of a klingon-type nose wrinkling. Sort of like this face my offspring makes:

  • My kid gets out of school at 3:30. Guess what time I leave to pick him up?

  • Twice each week we get a gallon of raw milk from a farmer friend. Last weekend, Jarrod opened the fridge door and for some reason the whole container came tumbling out and ker-PLOOSHED all over my kitchen floor. After crying over the spilled milk for a moment, and maybe saying a bad word or two, we mopped up the floor with several bathroom towels. My washer was already running so I threw the towels into the hamper. Then I forgot about them. Can you see where this is headed? Three Days Later I walked into the laundry room and almost fell over as I hit a wall of stink that could kill a cat. Seriously, it was horrible. What was even worse was when I started pulling the towels of death from the hamper, it was HOT down there. Like really hot. Was a chemical reaction happening in my laundry hamper? Were the towels in danger of spontaneously combusting? I really think I saved us from the nuclear meltdown that was brewing in there. Note to self: sanitize towels on the two-hour cycle and never, EVER leave raw-milk-soaked fabric sitting where it can compost. That's just nasty. 

Remember, if you want to link up with me for 'Fess Up Friday, I'd love to have you! Just follow this link to get the instructions and a button. Thanks :)


  1. I hope I'm not doubling up on comments here, the last one ended up on an error screen.

    Anyway, YOU CRACK ME UP! How on earth are you always so funny?!

    I nearly died with the whole "smell so bad it could kill at cat". Too funny!

    Also, the toothpaste thing - GENIUS! I've never thought about splitting open the tube to get the last bit out.

  2. Ah! I can't remember any phone number but like you, I have papa murphys memorized (sad, very sad) AND when my kids went to the nice small private school that your kids go to I usually left 3:31 (also sad, very sad) Now that they are at a scary big public school (hee, hee) I am sure to pick them up on time. :-) AND I love your Kira signature! Please show me how to make one.

  3. Love the toothpaste! I think if my boyfriend got that far down in the tube and no replacement tube "magically" appeared he would just stop brushing his teeth..gross boy!

  4. AAARGH! Your linky tools hate me. Phooey. Love the reference to Klingon nose wrinkles. And your lil guy is so cute!!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I SO do that too... I love that you took a picture of the clock... how much time did that take? ;)

    I love Klingon noses! :)
    YOU are Fabulous!


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