Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Doorbell Ditching Unscripted

Hello, my friends! Did you miss me? I totally flaked out on my blog for the last four days. What can I say, it's been busy 'round these parts. What with the three-hour Little League games (seriously... nobody warned me about this) and the gallons of milk spilled on the floor (more about that on Friday) and the reading of the detox book that requires me to drink a bright green cup of blended lettuce for breakfast.... 

Yeah, busy. 

But healthier I'm sure. How could I not be? I've been drinking lettuce for breakfast for the last two days. I keep telling myself someday I'm going to wake up craving this green smoothie instead of a warm, frothy, creamy latte with whip cream..... and cinnamon on top... and vanilla... okay, let's stop talking about that. 

Let's talk about Sunday! That was a good day. A very splendid May Day that felt like actual spring, with sunshine and everything for our very important plans

Aren't they cute? I wound up making them Saturday night after the kids were in bed because we just didn't have time during the day to do it. I was selfishly happy to do it by myself because I got to pick all the paper and make sure the brads matched. 

To keep the flowers alive until the recipients found them on the door, I wrapped the ends of the flowers in really wet paper towels and put them in a sandwich baggie, which fit into the cone just fine. 

We decided to only leave May Day treats for family members this year, because if you get caught the person is supposed to kiss you. We didn't want the boys to be traumatized by kissing a neighbor~ we'll save that for next year. 

So that meant we had to drive all over town to five different houses. Provisions were definitely in order. 

Is there anything more ridiculous than a toddler with a Starbucks cup? No, there is not.  Especially when that toddler is calling from the backseat, "Ohhh, mine coffee! Hot Chocolate yummy!" 

Rowan (he's three) then proceeded to tell me in a very serious voice that when he grows up and gets his driver's license, he is going to get kid's hot chocolates whenever he wants. To which I replied, "You go, boyfriend."

Then armed with our overpriced-chain-store drinks, we proceeded to doorbell ditch all those loved ones near and dear to our hearts. 

Each boy got a turn, except for B... he was busy drinking his 'coffee.'  

Greyson volunteered to go first. 

He was instructed to hang it on the doorknob, knock, and then run like the wind so he wouldn't get caught. 

And run like the wind he did! Haydn had the van door open so he just sort of leaped inside and we took off.

Then we went to my sister's house, where Haydn DID get caught~ by his uncle! Uncle James was in the garage loading up the family for church, and here comes Haydn sneaking up the driveway with some flowers. He didn't stand a chance. J and I were laughing hysterically in the car while watching Haydn try to hide behind a truck, a tree.... anything that might make him invisible . Funny stuff. I do not have a picture, which is my bad because he did not get kissed... he got pinched, which was even better. 

I also do not have a picture of Greyson getting caught by Great-Grandma Georgia. She was sitting in the living room with her blinds open, so it wasn't really his fault, but he didn't mind too much because he got a kiss AND a piece of candy. 

When it was Rowan's turn, he was rearin' to go. 

Note to self: Check ISO on camera before taking important shots~ 1600 in full sun is BAD.

Despite my camera problems, Rowan got the flowers on the doorknob, much to my amazement, and came zipping back down the driveway. 

Then he biffed it.

And his big brothers cried out, "Man down, man down!"

His biggest brother saved him, and when they got back in the car, Haydn sagely said,

 "No soldier gets left behind." 

Tru' dat. 


  1. i love this so very much.

    also, my three year old has been seen with a starbucks cup on more than one occassion. i consider it a bargaining tool for getting him to do those things that would otherwise be impossible to get him to do.

  2. Oh that is fun stuff. Love the "man down" part:)!!! Good work friend I hope to do some May day stuff next year (asking family and neighbors to come to my bed to get it doesn't work as well;).

  3. I am with Heather, I am laughing hysterically (for real) at the thought of "Man Down" and "No soldier gets left behind" as part of a May Day tradition. Your boys are so awesome!

  4. I love it! Your boys are so cute! My fiance and I have been...discussing whether we should have boys or girls (like we have a say in the matter). He vehemently wants boys, and I vehemently DON'T want boys, but your blog is helping me see that life with boys just might not be horrible. Thanks Kira!

  5. I completely love your May Day idea! What a terrible mother I was this May Day! It wasn't until 7pm that I said to my husband that we COMPLETELY forgot about May Day!! But such a cute idea you had! I'll have to make sure to remember next year =)

  6. Oh my goodness, that is simply amazing... the whole concept of May Day, your family's experience with it this year, and definitely your toddler's 'coffee' and "man down!" What a great story :) Thanks for the laughs!

  7. all your other pictures made up for the 1600 iso shots - they were beautiful! Very fun.

  8. Sounds like a great May Day to me!

  9. "man down, man down!" LOVE it! Those 'rescue' pics are priceless!!



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