Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebrating Two Years with B

My last little baby is leaving toddlerhood behind and claiming the official title of "Two Year Old" today. This is a monumental birthday for two reasons:

It's the last birthday I can get away with doing absolutely nothing, because he has no clue what 'birthday' even means. We sang the song to him this morning and he got very offended and refused to make eye contact with any of us. It was understandable though... even I was wincing at how loud and off-key we were. 

He's completed that incredible leap between one-year-old baby to two-year-old child. He's well on his way to "boy"

So here are a few things I want to remember about Brecken (a.k.a. Mr. B) at this exact moment in time. 

His favorite toys in the world are:



and his puppy. He does not go ANYWHERE without Puppy.

He can feed himself, and loves oatmeal. He also thinks that oatmeal makes great hairgel and will frequently take a little handful and use it to spike his 'do. 

His highchair shrunk this year. 
April '10

Spring '11

His hair has gone through quite a transformation this year as well.
Fuzzy Bird Hair May '10
Ragamuffin September '10

Hippy Hair~ Winter '11

Clean Cut March '11

When he got strep throat last week, he totally schmoozed me into giving him his puffer back (the one he had been weaned off of for at least two weeks.)

He thinks he's one of the "big kids" and is not afraid to jump in on a good tug-of-war.

He is frequently pants-less, and we're not even potty training yet.

He doesn't know how to get down from stools, so that's a good place to stick him if you need to take his picture... or go to the bathroom. 

His cheeks are still squishy enough to look edible.

He's got a 'tude. Major. He used to be so sweet and squishable, but lately if he doesn't like your answer you better duck because there is guaranteed to be a flying projectile coming your way. Ironically, he usually throws the things he loves most. He will go out of his way to walk to a baby gate and chuck his pacifier or his beloved puppy over it, then he lays down on the ground and pouts with his whole body. Then he cries for you to get whatever it is he threw. 
That's his puffer in my hand. It's almost like he is trying to tell me something.

If you ever need to have a sit-in to save a tree, B's your guy. He is stubborn. 

But also incredibly funny and cute.

He is starting to put together words to make phrases, and it doesn't really matter what he says, they almost always make me smile. Some recent quotes:

Holding up his tiny fist, he says "Mama, muckles!" then he gives me a fist bump.

High Bibe! (high five)

*pulling into our driveway, he points at the house and says* "Oh, der it is! I bound it!" 

Where is it? (heard 100 times a day)

Where my puffer? (not my favorite phrase)

Hay-yen (Haydn)

Bo-bos (brothers... this is a pretty apt title)

Buckle Me! (whenever he wants in or out of the car)

Bye-bye, Choo Choos! (when we take off his train jammies in the morning)

Huggie, huggie, squeezie!

Mee-ulk (milk)


Mine coffee

Mine cup

Mine cracker

Mine cars-cars

Mine puppy

Mine orange

Mine, mine, mine

He likes to watch TV, especially Calliou, Bubble Guppies and Tom & Jerry. I know, I know... bad mommy. Sorry, but sometimes you gotta take whatever babysitter you can find. 

For the most part, he has stopped pushing the cancel button on my washer in the middle of the cycle. I guess watching mom go ballistic is only funny so many times. 

He has been trying to play golf with anything and everything. A bat, a broom, a hanger, a water bottle... I finally just forked over five bucks and bought him a plastic golf set from Walmart. I'm really pretty befuddled by this because 1.) To my knowledge, he has never seen anyone play golf, and 2.) His three older brothers never did anything like this.

Sometimes when I'm sitting on a stool, he will walk by and poke my backside and say "stinky." A comedian already. 

He still loves his sleep sack. He sleeps in it for naps and at bedtime, and will frequently keep it on for up to an hour in the morning. It's a little like having a snowman on the loose. 

He knows how to man his own throw-up bowl during flu season.

He has the family cowlick, which three out of four of my boys inherited from me. I wrote them all a letter of apology.

He still fits in my arms, just barely, and he comes to me for squeezies several times a day.

Part of me is a little sad that he's leaving babyhood behind. Another part of me is excited for this new phase and all this next year holds. This little man is my joy, heart, my surprise, my gift. 

Happy Birthday, Baby B!

*for the record, B's birthday is May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, but I'm late posting this.*


  1. Oh, how sweet! Is he your youngest?

    He is just like my youngest. Mine lines up cars and trains everywhere and he takes his puppies everywhere, too!

    And he totes has a 'tude. :)

    They would be kindred spirits.

  2. He's adorable and a total cuddle bug. I LOVE his squishy cheeks. Happy B-day baby B!

  3. That family cowlick is AWESOME! This post is wonderful. So sweet and super hilarious. Seriously - your kids are adorable. Your family needs to move to DFW. ;)

  4. What a cutie. Squeeze him tight the time flies by. Mine is graduating high school in a few shorts weeks -working on a video and going through old pics was not a smart idea on mother's day weekend. Have a blessed day with your adorable little family.

  5. You see a baby turning from one to terrible two. From what I read and see, I see: a musician, an artist, a race car driver, a band of brothers (important), a charmer, a strong will, an open spirit. I hearted this – I really did. God bless and keep you and all of yours this day Kira. God bless.

  6. I second Amanda Jo. Then we could all play Scrabble.


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