Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Bumps

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to blog for a while. 

I have no self-control.

I also have two things on my mind. 

Greyson is still wearing his pajamas, because it is spirit week at school and today was Pajama Day. Haydn dressed like a rockstar today, which to him meant a mohawk, a t-shirt with a guitar on it, and a bolero tie he inherited from his great-grandfather. Oh, and some neon green sunglasses with blinking lights. I was pretty relieved by his choices... he could have been an emo rockstar. 

Secondly, and this is a doozie.......

Rowan has little warty bumps on his legs. There, I said it. 

I've been hiding this from my blog for the last six months, even though it consumes about 50% of my waking mental energy. These stupid bumps are stressing me OUT. They will not go away. After much googling, which at first made me think he had MRSA, I finally diagnosed him with molloscum contagiosum. Anything with the word "contagiosum" in the title is never good. 

Apparently this is a common childhood "issue" that kids frequently catch in public pools. Say whaaaaa?? I did not know this was a risk of public pools. Green hair, yes; contagious warty bumps? No. This leads me to believe that he probably caught it when we went on our big fun overnight trip to the fancy hotel last November, which bums me out. Because now when I look at these pictures, I do not think "wow, that was a fun day" 

I think to myself "There's Rowan, catching those stupid bumps." 

Doctors will just tell you to leave it alone and it will resolve itself in anywhere from 9 months to TWO YEARS. Yeah right, sucka fool. I don't have that kind of time. I've been treating them twice a day, every day, for the last six months with..... stuff. Anything and everything. Apple Cider Vinegar, tea tree oil, some really expensive crap I got off the internet that did absolutely nothing, a super-duper native American salve I bought at the health-food store, comfrey cream, clear nailpolish... I'm about on my last nerve with these stupid bumps. 

They just point at me and laugh when I try to make them go away.  

That's why I made an appointment with both a naturopath AND a regular doctor next week. It's finally time to replace our family physician, Dr. Google, with a real one. If you know me, you know that's a big deal because we just about never go to the doctor. I'm trying to stay off the grid, ya know? I mean, off the grid except for telling every facet of our lives on a public blog... that's different. 

I've been keeping this on the downlow because I don't want people to think my family has the plague, but I just can't take it any more. I'm finally putting this out there in case any of my lovely readers have dealt with this issue already and can give me a.) A miracle cure, or b.) some moral support. I've been a mom for nine years, I really thought I had encountered most of the weirdie things kids get, but "the bumps".... the bumps have taken over my life and are completely kicking my butt. 

The end.


  1. Sorry, no miracle cures here but LOTS of support!! Ethan carries MRSA so we're constantly putting stuff on bumps and scrapes so we aren't the contagious people.

    So glad you're getting him to the doctor! It took a hospitalization for us to get Ethan's taken care of!!

    Hang in there!!!

  2. ALL THREE of my boys have had the "bumps". They were never in or near a pool, so while that may be ONE way to contract the "bumps" it is very contagious and most kids get it - so said my medical doc I love. He's been my personal doc for almost 19 years, he was the one who got to tell me I was pregnant after 9 1/2 years of trying and I never bothered with a pediatrician but took my guys straight to him.

    He has diagnosed everything we have ever had with an amazing accuracy and without raising any alarm when speaking to me. Dr. Billingslea at Post Falls Family medicine and if for some reason I can't see him I see Dr. Peters who is also WONDERFUL.

    Dr. B is not the warm fuzzy type but solid, smart, rational, caring and pro-active. Dr. P is compassionate, thorough, detail oriented and I must mention, VERY good looking.

    All that said, having had all my guys with the "Bumps" I figure they passed it amongst themselves once my oldest came down with it somewhere - not a pool. My John had it for a few months and only a few "bumps", James got it every where - even on his private places! And Peter only had a few. Each time I treated them with clear nail polish. I waited the longest with James, not excited about putting it on EVERY SINGLE bump. But, eventually, out of desperation, I did. They ALL went away. ALL OF THEM.

    I hope this helps. James had them all over and it was hard for me to think of what other moms would think of my kid with the plague. I prayed about it, laid hands on him and prayed, begged God to make them go away, and it took about 3 applications of clear polish. The trick the doc said is to get them ALL. Even the ones you aren't sure are really "bumps". If you have any more questions or want more details than what I have blabbered on about here, please message me with your phone number and we can talk. Blessings! Do not fear! They will go away. It was not the fancy pool. I'd bet money on it. Honest.

  3. Well, the nail polish remedy seems to be the "thing", and maybe your new natural dr. can help you with treating from the inside out. Hang in there Kira, your a super devoted mama:) I will be praying too

  4. Lemon myrtle oil! Diluted, because it's kind of harsh, but just dab it on with a q-tip twice a day or so. I think we have most of a bottle left if you want to try it - just let me know and I can bring it to church or try to track down Jarrod at the nursery tomorrow (our trees are in!).

  5. Look at that--two friends already who have experience! I don't, but I will pray.

    This might give you some help. Lots of moms with experience.

    Our way of processing medical issues is so identical. I swear we are twins separated at birth.

  6. My son had those bumps all over his arms and stomach when he was a baby. His pediatrician said it was just a viral thing that went away. They started getting little head like things on them, kind of like a zit, that would pop or scratch off and then they would go away. I just used a lot of lotion to keep them from itching him and they faded after several months. They are definitely irritating, so I feel your pain!

  7. I cannot even tell you guys how much BETTER I feel just from reading these comments. Thank you, thank you for the support AND the advice. I feel like I have a couple new tricks to try and I'm hopeful that we can still kick these bumps to the curb. I'll keep you posted.

  8. What?!!! Your kids are not perfect?! Ugh, great. Now we can't hang out any more. :(

    Oh wait, what I really came here to say was I can't wait to hear how you like the naturopath, please update us:)!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, one of the best blog posts I've ever read, ever. Really. I love the vulnerability and humor you put into your posts. We've all got things like "the bumps" in our mommy lives. Another reason I LOVE 'Fess Up Friday. I hope Rowan's bumps disappear soon and you can soon laugh at them and say, "so long fools!"


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