Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten random thoughts because I seem to work better in lists, and if I don't just start making one I may never blog again. 

1.  I got up at 5:30 this morning, got dressed including my shoes, did my hair and makeup, ate breakfast, and sat down at 6:15 hoping to enjoy 30 minutes of peaceful quiet all by myself. Immediately, the oldest barged up the stairs, proceeded to have a tearful meltdown over forgetting to enter his points on the chore chart, and woke the baby up. Our day was off with a shot. 

2. We had our first Little League game of the year yesterday. I was feeling optimistic so I wore yoga pants and a sweatshirt and brought a tiny blanket just in case. If I had remembered this post from April 2009, I would have also packed the snowsuits. I don't know if there is anything quite as pitiful as nine frozen little boys catching snowflakes in the outfield instead of baseballs. Jarrod took the littles home because they were turning into icicles (mind you, it's APRIL!) but I stayed and got to see Haydn get the one and only run of the game. It was worth the frozen toes and the runny mascara and the wet-cat hair. 

3. A long time ago I bought one of those expensive Shark sweeper things, hoping I would never have to sweep again, and it broke in less than a month. Because of that I was leery, but I still bought this Bissell 3-in-1 vac at Walmart ($20) It blows the Shark out of the water. I love the long cord so I never have to remember to charge it, and I can hand it to any of my kids (including the 3-year-old) and tell them to "sweep" the kitchen floor. Also good for quick cleanups on stairs or in the car. Twenty bucks well spent.

4.  Brecken is a serious puffer addict. 

(A puffer is a pacifier, and it's a perfectly logical name if you think about it) 
I honestly thought he might go to college with his puff, but when I got home from the baseball game yesterday he ran to show me that his puffer was "BO-ken!" 

Daddy apparently cut him off cold turkey. (Ha, a pun!) 
I expected tantrums. I expected tears. I expected a long sleepless night. You know what happened? He showed it to me, shrugged, gave me the "all done" sign and then went to bed and slept 11 hours. 

5. I made a lasagna on Sunday, which is one of my favorite meals, without cooking the noodles first. It was so easy I also made one for a friend. I've been doing this the hard way for years. 

6. Today I'm going to the dentist for the first time in over four years. Think happy, cavity-free thoughts. 

7. Kiss My Face makes the best (unscented) shaving cream ever, and they recently removed the parabens in the formula, so now I love it even more. 
Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Moisture Shave, 11-Ounce Pumps (Pack of 4)

8. My boys play with their cousins every day because they live down the street. Jill is the oldest of the group (almost 10) and she is a little mother hen who really helps me during that dinner-time rush. 

9. I took some pictures last weekend of my brother-in-law's gorgeous new baby. I can't wait to get them edited.

10. If I had known how many hits my blog would get when I mentioned a certain photo editing class, I would have finished the class before I said anything. I'm determined to watch the whole thing today... Right after I finish this blog post. 


  1. Oh, I love when I don't feel alone in my lameness. I just went to the dentist for the first time in just over four years as well. Did you postpone for months due extreme self-inflicted shame, too? I'm so weird.

    You sold me on that cleaner, especially since we have four levels. I usually do the stairs since it's too hard for my boys to maneuver the cleaner up and down them, but now... Mwahahahaha!

    Oh, that baby foot. Sigh. I've been experiencing some major baby fever lately.

  2. My mom did the same thing to my little sister's "binky". Amanda slept with the plastic part that night and threw it away in the morning. No harm done. My baby sister and I were not so lucky... Amy sucked her thumb till the dentist intervened with an oral device that prohibited thumb sucking. And I still suck my tongue to this day when I'm tired. Ugh.
    Thanks for the vacuum recommendation! I might have to go get one, my floors are all wood.

  3. I love your list. It isn't random at all - my brain followed works the same way! I'm totally getting one of those Bissell things now. . .

  4. Ummm...I went 3 years without going to the dentist and I'm married to one! :)
    Hope you are cavity-free!

  5. Love the list and that your little ones play with their cousins everyday. So cute! I wish we lived closer to family.


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