Tuesday, April 5, 2011


And now, my friends, I have a story for you. It's all about perspective. 

Last week was spring break and it rained. A lot. We spent most of the week indoors, enjoying not having to be anywhere or get dressed for any particular reason. Eventually, though, we got a little stir-crazy, so when a friend of mine invited us on an outing, we went. 

I took five boys (my four plus my nephew, are ya with me?) to one of those bouncy house places. You know, the gigantic padded room where they can literally bounce off the walls for an hour. 

I enjoyed visiting with my friend, who has two boys of her own, but after an hour, we were all red, sweaty, and done with the amazing inflatable utopia. With the toddler under one arm and my purse and camera swinging from the other, I rounded them all up and instructed them to put on their shoes. 

It was inevitable that the three-year-old would be the most difficult to wrangle. When I finally located him, he was trying to blend in with a birthday party group and pretend like he didn't know me. 

I stood on the side of the bouncy house and nicely asked him to come down. When he didn't come down (surprise!) I gritted my teeth and said it more firmly, trying to keep enough of a pleasant lilt that the parents around me wouldn't think I was losing it. 

Still no effect. 

Finally I broke down and said, "Rowan, we're all ready to go and if you don't come down I'm leaving you here." 

Big mistake. As soon as the words left my mouth I wanted to smack myself, because everyone (me, Rowan, and the snickering parents nearby) knew I was full of crap. 

Finally, on his last bounce down the slide I caught him in my mommy eye-contact tractor beam and lured him down. Getting his shoes on was another mini-battle.

By this time, my arm was exhausted from hanging onto Mr. B, my purse had slipped down to my elbow and rendered me relatively incapacitated, and I had one eye on Rowan to make sure he put his shoes on and one eye on the other three to make sure they didn't make a break for it while I was distracted. I was getting.... flustered, and I was trying to remember why I thought it was a good idea to do anything on spring break. 

Eventually I herded the boys out to the parking lot, and started rummaging for my keys while yelling at Rowan to stay on the curb and not run into the street. 

I looked, and looked, and looked. And sweated a little bit. And may have said a bad word under my breath. 

Finally, I said, "Haydn, look in the car and see if the keys are in it."

"Yep, mom, they are in the ignition." 

"Don't lie to me, Haydn, are the keys in there or not?"

"Yes! Mom, they are right there." 


Big sigh. 

There I was with five kids exhausted from an hour of bouncing and no way to leave. 

I herded them all back into the bouncing house place, where the guy behind the desk had a worried look on his face because we were baaaaaaaack, and instructed them all to sit still and not move while I made a phone call, and under no circumstances were they to even think about bouncing on anything.

I called my husband and in a slightly-high-pitched-and-desperate voice commanded him to come rescue me immediately. He didn't have a spare key for my car so would have to drive all the way home to get it and then drive back across town to get us. It would take at least 40 minutes. 

Then my phone died.

I started to feel panicked. I couldn't stay at the bouncy place for 40 more minutes because 1.) I couldn't afford it, and 2.) I might lose my  mind. 

Then I glanced up and out the window and saw the sun shining on a heavenly sign. 

Thank you McDonalds for saving us. 

I dragged them all over there, got them processed chicken nuggets (all while playing the mini-reel in my head of the pictures I'd seen of what goes INTO chicken nuggets... thanks whoever emailed me that little treasure), caught Rowan squirting ketchup onto the table and licking it off, and then set them all loose on playland. 

It was loud. It was hot. I was tired. We were supposed to be meeting friends at a restaurant for a birthday dinner in 30 minutes. I was cranky.

Eventually my husband showed up with the keys and rescued us. 

While we were driving away, I hear my little Greyson in the backseat happily chirping away.

"Man, today was AWESOME!! First we went to Grandma's house, then we played Nintendo with Myles, then we went to the bouncy house, then our car broke down, then we got chicken nuggets and playland, and now we're going back to Grandma's house! This is going in my best day ever pile." 

Haydn, Mr. Literal, couldn't let that one slide. "You don't have a 'best day ever pile.'" 

Greyson: Yes I do! I keep it under my pillow. I'm definitely drawing a picture of this day to put in there. 

See, it's all about perspective. 


  1. do you know what I love about reading your blog? your sheer honesty! You make me laugh, sigh, hold my breath, and today, feel awful for your mishap of a day.
    But you are so right, it is all about perspective and when it came down to it, they had a grand ole time.
    You are a brave woman taking 5 boys! I struggle with my two boys most of the time and refuse to go grocery shopping or run errands until I can go alone.
    You are amazing!

  2. *Whew* what a day. I'm glad your little guy helped brighten it a little. :-)

  3. Andrea~ thanks for the encouragement, you're very sweet. Honestly, if it is ever an option for me to do errands alone, I will take it every time! It's not easy and I don't "roll with it" as well as some other mothers I've seen, but I've definitely gotten better over the years. Partly because my older two are able to help me more, and partly because sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

    Greyson's perspective on the day really humbled me because when I looked back on it~ it was a good day! Stressful maybe, but everything worked out just fine and the kids definitely "did something" on spring break, hehe.

  4. Hi Kira!! I loved this story- it was a GREAT way to start my day!! Now I can keep in mind what a blessing it is to do things for our families that may put us out but in the grand scheme of life, the memories made for them are worth it!! And I am sure that later even you will read this story and smile a little too!!!

  5. I think I would have been close to losing it also. You are a saint Kira. It's funny how the little ones see things from their little eyes. My littlest always wakes up and goes to bed declaring that the new day is always the best and her favorite. I hope she keeps that positive attitude always. Have a great day!

  6. I'm totally exhausted reading that! I had my one "fun" day for the kids during spring break and the rest was staying home.(I am truly a homebody!) Hee, hee. I love reading your posts too. Real life baby.:-)


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