Monday, April 4, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays and Conversations with Grey

On Saturday I took Greyson with me to pick up pizzas. Whenever I get that kid alone he just yaks nonstop and says the most profound and/or funny things. This time, he had God on the brain. He brought a Bible along with us, even though he can't really read yet, and pretended to read it to himself in the backseat.

I said, "Whatcha readin', Buddy? You wanna read me some?" 

And he said, "Oh I'm reading all kinds of good stuff. This book is a special gift to us, you know. Whoops, I have it upside down..... okay, I'm reading the part where Jesus went up on the hill and prayed to God because His disciples weren't obeying him."

Me: "Uhhhh... I don't think that's in the Bible, Grey. Jesus prayed FOR his disciples, but not because they weren't obeying him."

Grey: "Well, have you read the whole Bible?"

Me: "Well, actually no. I'd like to read it all, but I haven't yet."

Grey: "Oh! Well, that's why you haven't got to this part yet, it's on the last page." 

Okay then.

After a couple minutes of quiet, Greyson then pipes up with this:

"You know Mom, for a kid or a grownup to try not to sin, which is like breaking the law, it's as tough as lifting up a car. But that's why we have Jesus. He lifts up the car for us."

Jesus, give me faith like my six-year-old, pure and uncomplicated.

I have a few more things to add to my list this week:

#58 A new mother born the moment she met her dimpled son

#59 The tinkling glass sound of text messages bearing good news

#60 An adoption announcement from friends so dear

#61 A toddler splashing in the bath while I get ready for the day

#62 His little voice saying "Where AH youuuuuu? Peek-BOO!"

#63 pushing little people on swings

#64 A mouth full of pain for three days, and when the pain left realizing that every day it doesn't feel like that is a gift

#65 A big boy who cooks eggs for his family every morning

#66 spring break, quiet mornings, no need to rush and scurry and frustrate

#67 McDonald's right next door when I was standing with five children next to a locked car with no keys

#68  a mother who came, cleaned my kitchen counters, and brought encouragement

#69 the rumble of the UPS truck

#70 letters left in my mailbox from little boys who cannot read or write yet, containing a homemade $100 dollar bill. I'll take that tip. 


  1. "it's as tough as lifting up a car. But that's why we have Jesus. He lifts up the car for us."

    That's gold :)
    He is wise beyond his years.

  2. What a wise, wise little boy. :) I love his faith, and how amazing that he wanted to bring the Bible with him. :) That is priceless!!


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