Friday, April 15, 2011

'Fess Up Friday: Trash Talk and Hammer Pants


Dude, has anyone else's week been completely monopolized by boring stuff that you accidentally volunteered for? I keep saying "Oh that's no big deal, I can do that!" and then before I know it, I've volunteered myself for a bazillion little things that cumulatively suck up my few precious minutes of mental alertness  free time. Which really means: no blogging for me. 


Oh well~ no more whining, I'm so excited it's Friday. No carpool today, and it's time to 'fess up!

  • Every time I take a week off from blogging I get new followers. It's like paid vacation time, which is awesome, but I'm not sure what ya'll are trying to tell me.
  •  I watched Eat, Pray, Love yesterday and there was a line in it where a lady says, "Having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face. You kinda want to be committed to the idea." If I got nothing else from the movie, that line was worth the watch. 

  • Remember how I told you last week that my son started Little League? Well, besides the special underwear, he also got this uber cool new hat. I did not tell him that it pushes his ears down and makes him look like Yoda. I did think it though. 

  • Greyson had an accident of some kind this week, which either involved a very small motorcycle driving up his nose or a swan dive off the couch into the carpet.

The next day I did a double-take and said "Whoa, dude, what happened to your face?" He says "I'm  a dinosaur who got shot in the nose."

  • What happened at the grocery store was really my fault. On our way there, I pulled the car out into traffic and Rowan yelled "Goodbye Suckers!" If I had corrected him then instead of stifling a laugh, he probably wouldn't have later called out "See ya, sucker grandma!" to a little old lady we walked past in the store.

  • I made a very healthy dinner of baked salmon, quinoa, and steamed cauliflower. Then after the kids were in bed, I ate four cookies. It happens. 

  • My husband's name is Jarrod. Sometimes I call him Jerry Berry Pumpkin Fairy. He does not find this quite as amusing as I do, but I think that's because he hasn't come up with an equally splendiferous nickname for me. 
  • I'm really hoping that in a few years everyone will look back on skinny jeans with the same horror we reserve for hammer pants. 

  • I found a picture on my camera of the underwear I left on my bathroom floor. I stared at it for a while, trying to remember if I took such a weird photo. Then I started accusing my children of playing with my camera. After profuse denials, I finally called my mother, who had been babysitting at my house, and asked her if she took a picture of the underwear in my bathroom. With a little giggle she said "Oh yes, I took that picture." Ummmm.... do I dare ask why, Mom? "Because I thought it would be funny to have a caption under it that read 'oooh la la'." My mom is now banned from my bathroom forever. And no, you can't see the picture. 

You guys probably know the drill by now: if you want to play along, click on this link to grab the 'Fess Up Friday button and then come link up with me. It would make me feel a lot better to know that someone else's three-year-old trash talked an old lady in the store. 


  1. Another fabulous rendition of your week, Kira!

    The big event for me was having to take Eli home from the Y wearing only his shirt.

    he's been having a bit of a potty training regression for some reason, (having an accident about once a week) I thought he'd be fine in the play zone during my workout as I'd just had him pee before we left the house. However, about 15-20 minutes later a worker came to inform me Eli needed a 'change'. I was like..."um, do you have the right mom? My son is in underwear." "Oh yes, it's Eli." she replied. "He pooed in his underwear."

    Of course I didn't have a change of clothes, so I had to strip him down, clean him up and proceed to put the only clean article of clothing on his bottom half. I just put his legs through the arm holes, swung him on to my hip in order to properly cover on the 'manly bits' that would otherwise exposed through through the neckhole.

    bah! you better believe i'll have a 'change' for him next time! ;)

    have a great weekend!

    ps- i loving refer to my husband as davey wavey - I am now tempted to make that more elaborate now. ha!

  2. HA! I'm glad to know that someone else calls their husband by a childish name they probably hate. Heheeeee!

    That story about the Y..... oh my. Those are exactly the stories that are just horrible while you're living them, but as soon as you get to tell someone it's suddenly entertaining. You are a clever girl~ I don't know if I would have thought of putting the shirt on the lower half. In fact, I'm pretty positive I've taken a kid home from my mom's naked as a jay-bird on his lower half because I didn't have anything else to put on him. That would have been a good trick to know.

  3. My husband gave me (well both of us) dancing lessons for Christmas (sweet guy). We just had our first lesson and at the class I tried to help the cute male dance instructor open the curtains only to pull them the wrong way and have them come crashing down. Yep, you think I’m just making this up but I’m not. Actually the entire dance class could have been a “Fess up Friday” posting. We had to switch partners all through the lesson. Did I mention how much I loved dancing with the older men that have their beer bellies and Hawaiian shirts on, (mind you with a few buttons left undone) gold chain necklaces sparkling through their harry chests, mustaches, and drenched in cologne. I always gave such a sigh of relief to finish up the rotation back in my husband’s arms!!! Phew!

    I almost feel like calling him Matty Patty my Dancing Laddy (for those interested in the Urban Dictionary meaning of laddy it is “A term used to describe a close friend, usually a male. Can be grouped with terms like brotha,homie……) Ya, he is definitely Matty Patty Dancing Laddy! I’m sure Jerrod LOVES the Fairy part Kira…… need something more manly like the word HAIRY in it (-:

  4. LFR, Selina! oh my word, those stories were hilarious. Matty Patty Dancing Laddy.... I'm going to think that every time I see him now. Please don't ever call Jarrod a pumpkin fairy though, he would never forgive me. I don't know what else I could use.... Jerry Berry Nice and Hairy? Nah, mine is better ;)

  5. Oh you better believe Jerrod is now the pumpkin fairy :-) I've already told Matt his new nick name and Jerrods. HAHA!!! OK OK mum's the word......

  6. I LOVE this! I am going to have to take notes throughout the week though, as this time was more like a "confessional" than a "crazy tales from my loopy life." I will adapt. :)

    I am now pondering a nickname for my man, hmmm what goes with Erik... I will let you know when I come up with it!
    Blessings, giggles and happy places to you precious woman of God!

  7. Not only do I call my husband by a childish name that he's almost exactly the same as yours. I totally call mine "Jerry Berry Quite Contrary" but if he finds out I posted that on here, he will die of embarrassment, so shhh! Pumpkin Fairy is awesome. I may upgrade and steal yours. :)

  8. Thanks Kira! And the egg thing is real simple. Crack and peel the top and bottom of the egg. Grip the egg in one fist, blow into the top, and hope the egg lands on the paper towel/plate/serving platter where you were aiming and doesn't bounce onto the floor. :-)

  9. That's amazing, Allison. I will try it and let you know how it goes. I now feel excited to boil eggs immediately.

    Sam~ I like yours! I literally couldn't think of anything else that rhymed with berry; quite contrary actually makes sense. Luckily my husband doesn't really read my blog so he will not know I posted this on the world wide web.

  10. Ok...I have to confess more. It's good for the soul, right? I totally say "Jerry Berry Quite Contrary" in a horrendous English accent. And I call him that when he calls me weird for introducing myself to every single person in Boise who has Kootenai county license plates. I fessed up! :)

  11. Sam you totally make me laugh. You should have a blog because I would read it.

    I didn't mention that I typically sing Jarrod's horrendous nickname in a very obnoxious happy little way I made up just for him.

  12. I love the idea of 'Fess up Friday! =)

  13. Hi Kira,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you have your hands almost as full as I do! I love your Fess up Friday post. What a great idea! Your family is just beautiful!

  14. Thanks for the laughs...oh gosh, hammer pants...still giggling to myself! Love ur blog and now your newest follower!
    and thanks for stopping by my lil ol blog 'Just Dream, Jelly Bean!'
    much love

  15. You are too funny. I am laughing out loud right now and my husband keeps thinking I am laughing at The Office.

    I think the same thing about skinny pant! Although I've almost caved and bought a pair.


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