Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seen Lately

Laundry. Lots of it.

A choppy haircut for a fuzzy head. 

"Room Time" where Brecken is barricaded in his room  enjoys his toys and mommy gets to take a shower without anyone climbing on the kitchen counters or dumping toys in the toilet.

Haydn joining the ranks and learning to play chess. Papa is a patient teacher. 

When in doubt, intimidate your opponent. 

Mr. Juicy Cheeks with his hair gelled up. 

Also seen lately, a boy with blinking green glasses for St. Patrick's Day, which was also his  9th birthday.

A birthday dinner at Red Robin with just his parents.

Bed head that is in danger of becoming a mullet.

Some hot buns.

Whoops, sorry. 

Weekly meals (ignore the fact that pizza and mac n'cheese are on there) a quote I love, and some letters for the preschooler. 

Many stacks of dishes.

Silly faces.

A bomb built from leaves and scotch tape. Greyson scared me when he came in and asked for "fire to set off my bomb." 

My guys watching you-tube videos about golf.

A toddler who gleefully tossed big handfuls of dirt up in the air, and then threw a big fit when it landed on him.

A slumber party for 7-9 year-old boys: they went rollerskating with Jarrod, ate pizza, watched a movie, had ice-cream cake at 10 p.m., stayed up way too late, and had waffles the next morning.

Brecken's tongue. It comes out whenever he's concentrating.

 Which is a lot.

Frownie Faces.

Toddler toes.

He thinks it's real funny to strip off his shoes and socks the second I put him in his carseat, and then yell "Uh OH! Mama, shoooooe!" One of these day's I'll get smart and just wait until we reach our destination to put them on.

An attempt at a group photo. We'll try again in a couple years.

The famous orange hat my friends have been passing around to anyone who turns 30.

A new lego lover in the fam. He is obsessed.

Little boys experiencing the wonder that is spice cake.

Sometimes impatiently.

And a busy boy, who rarely stops, finally at rest.


  1. I LOVE THIS! It's the first time I think I have ever seen your blog! Super precious!Thanks for sharing!

  2. OOOOOOhhhhhh this made me so happy to see!! I love you guys- you are precious!!

  3. ohmygoodness does your birthday boy ever look like you! fun pics!


  4. WHEW! That's a lot of busy-ness and cuteness! :D

  5. I love it how you capture every-day living in your photos. Your kids are going to have beautiful photos to look back on their childhood.

    I've been thinking about keeping a record or your children's life through their journals (or the journals you write for them, when they are too young) and photos....I was wondering how you are doing it.

    I have to go back and start something for each of my 4 kids! Yikes! Today I got some of them to journal our recent outing, and have been making collages in Picasa...wish me luck!!!!!! (I'm going to need it!)

  6. Your kids are rediculously adorable! My 7 year old is all into "chest" and constantly makes up his own rules since he doesn't know how to play. :)


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