Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Projects I Want to Try

First of all, can I just say how blessed I was by all your beautifully thoughtful comments on my last post? I'm so thankful to have met so many wonderful people through this crazy blog. You guys are awesome!

Today I was going through one of my virtual notebooks in Evernote and looking at all the projects I've clipped over the past year. Projects that I've seen here and there that I would really like to attempt, but I just haven't gotten to yet, ya know? What with the boogers and the laundry and the sitting on the couch eating icecream very intense exercise regimen, I'm always playing catchup. 

So I'm going to show you these projects and in the process inspire us both. Won't that be fun? 

I recently finished collecting all the supplies to make these easy yet adorable fridge magnets I saw on The Crafting Chicks. They would make a great teacher's gift or birthday present... like for my aunt, whose birthday is today. Aunt Joan, pretend like you didn't see these, umkay?

Photo credit: Thecraftingchicks.com

Have you ever said to yourself, "Wow, this fabric is so pretty I could just stare at it all day"?? Well, I plan to. I've got lots of walls to cover and fabric is cheap. And there is just something very pleasing and warm about an arrangement of framed fabric patterns. The tutorial is from Woman's Day.

Photo Credit: John Gruen for Women's Day

Here's another one from the Crafting Chicks that I have been wanting to make. I got a bunch of lids from a friend of mine (she has one of those fancy Pampered Chef can openers), so I really don't have an excuse not to get it done. I realize this is a weird time for a tutorial for Christmas ornaments, but I figure if I post it now that will give me a nice wide buffer to get it ready for next Christmas. Fingers crossed. 

I like this adorable shabby chic frame made from a piece of wood and a finial. Be careful visiting Shanty 2 Chic, that blog has enough posts to keep you busy browsing for hours.
Photo Credit: Shanty 2 Chic

Hot Chocolate on a stick anyone? YUM. I hope I work up the nerve to try the homemade marshmallows, because wouldn't that be amazing with my homemade graham crackers? I could have a completely homemade s'more if I made my own chocolate, but 1.) I don't think it's possible without a chocolate tree  and 2.) That would just be crazy. Does chocolate really grow on a tree? Dora the Explorer said so, so it must be true. 
Photo Credit: Whipperberry

My new friend Melissa from A Time For Everything has several projects I've bookmarked. I get new ideas from her constantly.

Such as this jewelry organizer she created from an old tray. So pretty. 

And this Alphabet Wall I fell in love with months ago, long before I even "met" Melissa when she visited my blog. See~ fate! 

Here's another cute idea for a teacher's gift I saw at The Creative Crate. With the end of school coming (everyone DANCE!!) it's time to start thinking about how I can thank the person who has been spending seven or eight hours each day with my kid. Those ladies are amazing.

Someday, when I learn to use power tools, I'm going to build this bed. Wait for it.........(but please don't hold your breath)

Photo Credit: Ana White
And lastly, this crazy map collage from my friend Selina at Creative Juices Decor. So simple, but so clever. I'd love to do this with photos or an old poster. Or maybe some of this cool gift wrap.

Photo: Creative Juices Decor

So many good ideas, and these are just a few of the ones I have stashed away in Evernote for the day when I am sitting here saying, "Yeesh, I have nothing to do! What should I work on today?" 

In case you haven't heard of the wonder that is Evernote, watch this short little video from Digitwirl. It's a "tool" that I use a gazillion times each day and don't know how I got along without it.  


  1. Oh man! I love all of these!!!! I especially love the map canvas collage thing and the bed plans! I want to make both of them!

  2. As I was scrolling through I was thinking OH! I'm going to tell Kira how much I LOVE this inspirational post and how everything is AWESOME....and then I saw my post at the end and thought, oh shoot, now if I say that I'll sound narcissistic!

    Anyway - I was motivated by it! Do a few more :-) You have great taste….(hee,hee)

  3. Oh my goodness - the gift wrap map for only $4.50 would be awesome! Never thought of using gift wrap on the canvas but it's a great idea...it doesn't have to be stiff becuase the canvas is the board and makes the art piece. Great site to show people!

  4. I made the fridge magnets a few weeks ago and LOVE them, super easy to make and you can personalize them anyway you want. i also used the same technique and made "Dirty" and "clean" magnets for the dishwasher. took it yet a little further and made thumb tacks for my sons bulliten board. so fun.

    i really like the jewlery tray hanger and the picture frame. will definately have to try one of those.

    btw your boys are SO cute!!

  5. Wow, Jessica, you sound so ambitious! I love the idea of the dishwasher magnets. If you make any of the other projects let me know, I'd love to see them!


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