Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laundry Room Progress

We've had some activity around here the last couple days. Remember all these samples I had on the wall?

I finally chose the one on the left (thanks largely in part to your comments last time I posted this pic), and my brother-in-law (of Principle Painting) came and painted the laundry room for me! Before you start feeling bad for him, like Greyson, let me point out that I hired him to do it. He wanted to do it. Greyson says to him, "Uncle James, I'm sure sorry you're havin' to work so hard." Like I'm running a slave labor camp over here or something. 

Rest assured, I provided excellent tuna fish sandwiches and even kept him from boredom by letting my three-year-old sit on the dryer and ask him a bazillion questions while he worked. I'm sure it was one of the funnest (yes, it's a word) jobs he's ever had.

So you wanna see what Sherwin William's "Rainwashed" did for my laundry room? 


I don't think these pictures really do it justice. It was night time with no flash. In real life it's a beautiful tranquil-yet-cheery blue that makes me happy every time I walk in there. 

And I was thrilled when I realized these gorgeous knobs I bought a while ago at TJ Maxx (without any clear idea what I was going to use them for) work perfectly with the new paint! That never happens to me!

So pretty *happy sigh* Haydn wasn't too impressed with the new knobs, but when he opened the door and saw that the screws holding them on were gold, he was like "No way, mom, gold screws!" Boys are weird. 

And that is all I have to say about that. 


  1. I love the color and those knobs are great. I'm curious about the little blue organizer hanging near the door. I use to be a teacher and used these all the time, so do tell what you use it for. I'm inritqued or nosey, whatever way you look at it :)

  2. What a GREAT laundry room you have!!! I would give my left arm for that kind of storage! :) The color is beautiful and I absolutely love those knobs!

  3. Ahhhhh! It turned out so pretty and those KNOBS - I knew they had a destiny in your house when we spotted them! Happy days!

  4. Thanks Kira for using my link to join OKL, I think you will really like it. I look forward to your chore chart post, I really need to get a handle on this.

  5. oh my goodness kira! i love it! love the your cute baskets on the shelf. so fun. :)

  6. those knobs are awesome! They go so great with the new color. Doesn't it make doing laundry so much more enjoyable when your walls are painted a beautiful color?
    Mine laundry room is bright aqua blue!

  7. Aahhhhhh!

    I totally forgot to leave a comment on that post commanding you to choose the color on the left, but you obeyed me anyway. Good job!

    Would you believe that I bought a six-pack of those knobs at the Maxx months ago with the same exact thoughts in my head? It's true. They are still in the closet. But the color will be great in the kitchen after I paint it, so I'll probably use them there. Somewhere. Somehow. :)

    What's the paint brand & color, by the way?

  8. P.S. I forgot to say that it looks beautiful, though I may have inferred it. :)

  9. Um, that would be YOU may have infered it.

    I'll be quiet now...

  10. Ack! INFERRED!
    Now I'm really slinking away...

  11. LOL! Nothing like four comments in a row to make someone's day ;)

    It's Sherwin Williams "Rainwashed" and I had it mixed up at Home Depot in Behr Premium Plus. My laundry room has a fluorescent light and no windows, so it looks different in there than in natural light. It's a great color.

  12. Hi Sis- It looks great!!! I love the color, the knobs are stellar and by the way, a shout out to "Principle Painting" in Coeur d'alene would certainly be in order!! James had fun with Row-Bear!!! So cute!

  13. Oh it looks beautiful! I love the color! I can imagine such bliss as you load laundry.


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