Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abominable Snow Baby


It's my first time officially in the snow. 

My mom is here to take pictures. You can see her up there in the reflection on the window. 

I'm pretty excited about my outfit and have been following my mom around the house dragging pieces of it saying, "On, on! Peeeeeze, Mama. A boot!"

All that persistence has finally paid off.

The snow is nice and frozen, so it's easy for me to walk on.

Kind of.

These boots are really awkward, and my mom doesn't have mittens that really fit, so she just used a pair to sort of plug up the end of my sleeves. 

Instead of hands, I have stumps. 

Which makes getting back up with all these layers.... challenging. 

My mom is just standing there watching me while I flail around like Bambi trying to stand up for the first time.

She says it's good for my character.

Whatever that means.

Wait~ she was right, I did it!

This is one of my big brothers. 

When the two big bossy ones are at school, he's in charge. 

He likes to lead me around like a puppy and show me stuff. 

Until I fall down again.

Then I'm on my own. 

Which is fine, because I have a lot of exploring to do. 


  1. What beautiful photos!!! Your boys, the back drop, all that white snow - gorgeous!!! Spring has sprung down here in Texas so it's hard for me to fathom frozen snow.

  2. Oh Amanda, I'm so jealous. Spring already?! We don't see spring until May. We are getting a little stir crazy around here!

  3. What a cute post. I am stopping by from Wonder Woman Wannabe on her SITS day. I see another post I want to read...

  4. oh my goodness! these are so cute! so SO cute!!

  5. That is the cutest thing ever! That is all I have to say because I am speechless with all the cuteness coming from my screen.


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