Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Poll

I've never done a poll on here, but I'm pretty curious about something. If you get a moment, would you mind taking the teeny poll over on the sidebar? One click and you're done.

I'm debating a Facebook page for my blog (even though it makes me feel a little silly), because I personally prefer FB over Twitter, but I'm not sure how many people besides myself like following blogs that way. So, maybe a little feedback from "my peeps" will help me decide.

Holy cow, I'm supposed to pick Haydn up in 9 minutes and his school is across town. Got to GO!


  1. I stay away from Facebook. Don't go near it at all. I just add all the blogs I like to read onto my reading list on blogger and just deal with that.

    ps. I did vote on your poll in case you are wondering. :)

  2. Awesome, that does help me. Thanks, Kar!

  3. i voted! i had a FB 'fan' page for about 2-3 days for my www blog! ha! I had the same feelings as you - felt a little silly about it since i wasn't trying to make money or anything.

    i'm a 'reader' girl, myself.
    good idea to take a poll!

  4. I'm totally with Kar. What is facebook? Don't like it at all. Oh wait, I can't say that anymore cause I got suckered into the cyclone alone with (almost) everyone else in this world! hee, hee. I still don't know what I got myself into. I do think it promotes a blog but some blogs are meant just for special people to read. (not necessarly the whole www) Just special people like Kar and myself and whomever else comments on this wonderful blog :-)

  5. Ah, add Heidi to that special friend list :-) Who was the one that told me to have a fan page anyway??? ;-) Oh who knows, it might be a good thing? I guess we'll see. (a group of big bloggers put it together) is an amazing resource. I've really enjoyed reading the articles. Of course a lot of her blog is about expanding....or so it seems.

  6. I'm anti-facebook too. I won't go off and rant my many opinions about it. I will say that I'm stunned at how much it's used. There are lots of deals and prizes to be won on there that you can't get anywhere else. It makes me sad, but if you really want to promote your blog - I'm sure it'd be beneficial. Good, old-fashioned giveaways seem to work like magic too. ;)

  7. I can't see any way to respond to the poll now, but here's my input...

    Personally, I prefer Reader for following blogs. Love it.

    However, I just peeked at my stats out of curiosity and found that over the past month, there was more traffic directed to my site via Facebook than from subscriptions to my feed (whether that's through Google Reader, email, or whatever else). So it appears that there are a lot of my FB friends & family who read my blog but don't necessarily subscribe to it.

    I do not have a separate page. When I write a new blog post, it just automatically goes on my wall.

    I'm willing to bet that many of the people I know who click over to my blog via FB may not even know how to follow it any other way.

    I'm not a huge FB user. (I do a status update approximately 1.3 times a year. I do comment regularly on other people's walls, though, so I guess I'm more of a voyeur. ;) But I do like being able to share my blog in this way with people I actually know.


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