Monday, February 21, 2011

How to clean a microwave, the easy way

My mom was over here this weekend, helping me seek and destroy the nasty flu germs clean my house for a baby shower, and I discovered something she didn't know. I couldn't believe it! It may be the first time in my life that I've given my mom a tip, instead of the other way around. 

I thought everyone cleaned their microwave this way, but just in case you haven't heard,

the absolute easiest, tried-and-true, neverfail way to clean your microwave is this:

Microwave a bowl of water with some lemon slices for about five minutes. When it's done, open the microwave and let all that lovely citrusy steam escape, then effortlessly wipe out with a paper towel. Easy peasy lemon squeezie. 


  1. Great tip! I have a lemon that's on it's last leg and I'd rather not cook with it so I'm going to give this a try tonight!!!

  2. That probably smells much better than my method, but I don't always have lemons, so I do the same thing with vinegar/water. Works great! Also, baking soda/water works too.

    Have you run chopped lemon peel/ice cubes through your garbage disposal before? Makes me feel all Martha Stewart-y and springy.

  3. oooooo, thanks for the tip! my microwave is always a mess (using from melting butter for a recipe and letting it go too long).
    I am totally trying this one. thanks.
    and I got my Shaklee stuff last week and I am loving it.

  4. AWEsome! I may actually clean the microwave if it's that easy. It's another duty my husband takes on. I sound like a pampered woman, but there really aren't that many things I leave to him. ;) We have LOTS of lemons in AZ this time of year. In fact, I have a gigantic bowl in my kitchen that needs to be used up. yay! :) Trying something new will make it more fun.


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