Sunday, February 6, 2011

How many readers DOES your blog have?

I've never been one to blog in the hopes of amassing oodles of followers (although it certainly doesn't hurt my feelings when someone likes me enough to do so) but there have been times when I was curious. How many people do read this blog, besides the ones I can see as followers or have signed up for email updates? How many people are following through a reader?

This has always be a vague unknown because Google Reader doesn't tell you stuff like that. Right?


Maybe I'm the last person to figure this out, but today I stumbled across an easy way to see how many readers are subscribed to any given blog.

So here's your main Google Reader screen right?

 Ignore the fact that I have 583 unread blog posts that I'm trying to catch up on. I like blog reading because unlike with food, my eyes can be bigger than my stomach and no one gets hurt.

See over on the right hand side, underneath "Show:Expanded- List" there is a little link that says "Show details."

Watch what happens when you click it.

Say whaaaaa?? It's been THAT easy to see how many google reader subscribers I had this whole time? Yeesh, I feel silly. 

The nosy part of me also loves that I can see how many readers other blogs have too. Pioneer Woman has 62,500 just on READER! That is cra.zy. She's like Oprah, but with cows. 

So that's my tip for the day, and for those of you who aren't blogging and could care less about this stuff, I just want to make sure about one thing: You are using Google Reader right? If you want to keep up with more than one blog, it's the only way to go.

Happy snooping.  

Update** I forgot to mention how I used to check how many subscribers I have on Google. I would click "Add new subscription" and put in the name of my own blog. It would bring up a list of blogs and mine would usually be the first on the list. It says right next to the name "___ blank subscribers" It's possible that is a more accurate number. Who knows! I'm done thinking about this. 


  1. I had no idea about that little details link!

    However, the info is incomplete...

    Your screenshot shows your blog's direct feed and that you have 36 subscribers. When I click on your blog in my Reader, it gives your feedburner stats (because I must have personally added you that way) and shows 3 subscribers.

    I have my own blog in Reader in three different formats (since I had made some changes and want to track that everything goes through): my old blogspot address that redirects, my new domain name, and my feedburner feed. And all three numbers are different.

    So you're actually even more popular than you thought. ;)

    And so is P-dub. As if she needed to be.

    "She's like Oprah, but with cows." I almost snorted on that one! LFR... :)

    If you want more info about your visitors and subscribers, most visited posts, etc., Google Analytics & Feedburner are great sources for that.

  2. P.S. I almost forgot. From your blog, click on Design and then the Stats tab. It's the most concise and easy-to-interpret summary of your visitors, referring sites, popular posts, and individual pageviews.

  3. Great tips, Melissa! I am even more confused now though. I get different numbers from google reader, feedburner, and blogger stats... I have no idea what it really means. Google analytics made my brain hurt when I visited, but maybe I'll give it another go.

    Or MAYBE, if we ever MFR (meet for reals) you can just explain it to me in person heehee

  4. wow, had no idea about that. I apparently had to add my blog in my google reader first though. Duh. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I don't know how to best decipher these things either. The google reader info you pointed out shows I have 22 readers - but my feedburner shows 188 and I don't see a subscriber count on the blogger stats link melissa pointed out.

    I try not to get too wrapped up in that, though it is interesting to look at once in a while.

    Thanks Melissa for enlightening me about the blogger stats tab! I like that overview better than feedburner! :)

    It shows that my most popular page being my mod podge wall art - love that stuff!

    What are the favorite pgs for you guys??

  6. My most "popular" page is a silly one: the picture of my presents up on the kitchen cupboards. It's because that post got featured on iheartnaptime so it got the most traffic. Definitely not MY personal favorite though!

    I've come to the conclusion that Google Reader shows you stats based on the subscription type. I think my number of 36 is the number of people who have added me manually to google reader with just the address, and the number of 3 that Melissa saw was based on the number of people who have clicked the "subscribe in a reader" button on my blog, since that is linked to my feedburner "address". I actually have more people than that subscribed through feedburner so I dunno. It's all a little confusing and not a big deal, but I just add the three different numbers (feedburner, google reader subscribers, and blogger followers) for a general idea.

  7. And I always assumed feedburner was the list of people who are receiving it by email? I know you can see how many have subscribed via email, it's buried in the options under the publicize tab, under "email subscriptions."

  8. This was all way too much thinking for me.
    But awesome possums on all the readers!

  9. AHHHH! you guys are all way over my head. I will need to read, and re-read the comments to figure out just what you guys are talking about (newbie here!) I almost get scared seeing the stats - am I really interesting enough for more than 3 people to "subscribe" to me? I know I'm not that exciting! Ha! One day when I take a month off from blogging we'll see who sticks with me :-) It WAS very interesting to see the google reader show detail stuff. Young house love only (ha ha ONLY) had 7,200 and Thrifty Decor Chick had 20,000. I would have thought it was the other way around. (I love both, don't get me wrong) but maybe there are "hidden" numbers out there that we haven't all added into the equation. PW had over 60,000!!!! That's insane!!!!!

  10. PS - forgot to mention your Google Reader is so organized! Can I actually put things into folders??? I have one blog that (thanks to your new cool trick) says it does 92 posts a week!!! No wonder I never feel caught up with my reader and actually get frustrated! I need to put that ladies blog in a seporate folder. (it is Money Saving Mom blog) I'll attempt right now to organize my reader. I want it to look pretty like yours :-)

  11. Eh, Selina, you've got a gabillion readers without having to understand this stuff, so why bother :)

    And YES, organize your reader, it makes it so much more efficient. I subscribed to Money Saving Mom via email and I like that format way better. She sends out one email a day with like 10 or 11 mini posts included. So you can get all her coupon deals of the day at a glance and just scroll through.

    I always fall behind on Pioneer Woman's posts (she posts like five times a day!) and then I'm tempted to unsubscribe because it bogs me down. But then I start reading her posts and I remember why I love her and I don't unsubscribe; that chick is hilarious.

  12. I have just got involved with "following" and the reader, so this is oodles of useful information for me. I wasn't sure what it was all for - but it's DEFINITELY something useful! I do have a question - can you follow private blogs in google reader? It didn't look to me like they update - which is just silly because if you have permission to view the blog, it would make sense that your reader would know that and show your updates. Right?

  13. Natalie, to be honest, I'm not sure. A brief google search made me think that you can't follow private blogs in reader, but if someone signs up as a follower once they have access to your blog, it seems like the feed should appear in their reader automatically (as long as they have that little box checked under options... the one that says to show blogs you're following.) I'll test it and see if that works.

  14. Sorry, Natalie: I'm a follower on your blog page but your blog doesn't show up in my reader with the other blogs I follow. Guess "private" really does mean private. Something I read online said that people can work around it if they have your username and password, but that's certainly not something you would want to hand out willy nilly.

  15. bummer!! maybe i'll have to rethink my private status one of these days. :)

  16. I just googled how to figure this out and your blog popped up!! Thanks for the information, very helpful :)


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