Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Favorite New Game

The first time Jarrod and I played a boardgame together, we were engaged.

The game ended with me in tears and questioning what kind of beast I was engaged to marry. 

What kind of family did he come from where they play Monopoly to win? Didn't he know that game wasn't meant to ever be finished? You're just supposed to play until everyone's bored. You loan out money if someone is a little short, you don't actually expect rent to be paid if the people haven't got it, and you certainly don't tell them to mortgage every last property they own or the game's over. I couldn't believe how ruthless he was. 

We didn't play boardgames again for a long time after that. 

Recently, I got suckered into invited to play a game called Dominion

I was pretty certain I wasn't going to like it. It looked complicated and tedious and I didn't feel like investing the mental capacity it would require to learn it. Plus, I was a little afraid they were going to make me wear a costume and repeat a secret password.

But I agreed to play one game with some friends who had brought it over... and then I agreed to play one more... and then five hours later Jarrod and I were researching prices on the internet to get the best deal on our own set. 

Dominion is fun.

It's a card game where everyone starts out with the same small deck of cards, and as each person takes their turn they use their coins to purchase other cards to build their own deck.
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 It requires strategy but the concept is simple enough that my eight-year-old plays with us and LOVES it. He asks if we can play it every night, and he frequently beats the pants off me.  

I like it because it's designed for 2-4 players (with the Intrigue expansion you can play with 8  or more people) so my husband and I are able to play it together after the kids are in bed, or I can play a quick game with just Haydn. It's given us something to do that doesn't involve Jarrod watching tv while I play on the laptop or read a book, and it stays interesting because no two games of Dominion are ever the same. 

There are a ton of different "action" cards in the box and you only play with 10 at a time, so your strategy is always changing. 

This is a great game for family night (if everyone can read... my littlest guys can't play yet) or as a unique gift for your husband if he is into games at ALL. 

We've now purchased all but one of the expansions, and even though Jarrod still beats me every. single. time. there have been no tears. I've realized that you can tell a lot about people's personalities from the way they play games. He's the classic "saver" and I'm the classic "spender" which is why at the end of the game he always has tons of money to buy points and I have tons of stuff with no money. So he ultimately wins, but I have fun throughout the game. Everyone's happy. 

And just to prove that the Apple Store wasn't lying when they said "there's an app for that," Dominion has several. My little geek heart is happy. 


  1. I will definately be buying this game for my husband. He LOVES games with strategy but they usually require way too much thinking for me. So this sounds like a great compromise! So glad you wrote about it :)

  2. Sounds like a great game!!! This reminds me of a game called The Settlers of Catan - it's like Oregon Trail meets Risk meets Monopoly. One of my favorites, for sure!

  3. Amanda, I totally meant to put that in my post~ if you like Settlers of Catan you will love this game! We have that one too and I like it, but this one is definitely my fav.


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