Friday, February 18, 2011

'Fess Up Friday: Neighborly Remote Wars


Hey kids, it's Friday! Were you wondering if I had anything to 'fess up? I've been wondering the same thing. My kids have been MAJOR urpy this week and it felt a little like living through the Plague. That didn't leave a lot of time to do anything too interesting so let's keep this short. 

  • Changing your printer cartridge is a lot like feeding a lion. Don't get cocky, thinking you've done it a million times before, because that is when they bite you. And just so you know, that crap is PERMANENT. 

  • Last night as we were watching "our show" it suddenly started fast-forwarding. I rewound it, and a couple seconds later it started doing it again! I finally figured out what was happening~ my nextdoor neighbor's Dish Network remote was set at the same frequency as ours~ but I thought maybe I was more stubborn than they were and they would give up before I did. So back and forth we went, rewind, fast-forward, change the channel, etc..... they won when they deleted my show. 

  • Most of our week has looked like this:


  • A few days ago my toddler pointed at a mole on my face and said "Oh, yucky." Gotta love the honesty of children.
  • My sister told my boys, when they were riding in her car, that mermaids lived in the water tower. They have been talking about it for months and insisted Auntie Elli promised it was true. I am positive that if I had told them the exact same thing they would have instantly called me a liar. Why is that?
  • Greyson says on Monday, "For Valentine's Day school is going to be a little longer today." Jarrod says, "Really, I didn't hear anything about that. How much longer?" Greyson replies,"Oh about half a minute. Hey, at least half a minute is something."
  • I'm really reachin' for the confessions today. I mostly just wanted to use my new "Fess Up" logo for the first time. I should start calling it "Occasional Fess Up Friday" or maybe "Fess Up Bi-Monthly" I can't be expected to do stupid stuff all the time. 

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