Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conversations over Soup

While serving homemade Chicken and Rice soup:

Haydn: Mom, is this soup healthy?

Me: Of course it is, I made it from scratch.

Haydn: Oh, I know what 'scratch' means. It means you got it from the internet.

Me (trying not to laugh): Well, no not exactly. It means I made it without any pre-packaged stuff. I made everything that goes into it.

And this is the part where Greyson, who was busy slurping his soup, looks up with round eyes: You made this chicken?!


  1. That's too funny! Sounds familiar. :)

  2. hilarious. your kids are sharp as tacks!

  3. Heehee, yes, Natalie, they absolutely are sharp as tacks. Which can be dangerous if you're not on your toes!

  4. kids are so awesome.

    the latest at my house was last night before bath time.

    I was bending over helping our youngest get his clothes off and our 5 yr old was really close by. when I straightened up he said,
    "I smelled your hair!"

    to which I somewhat sheepishly replied, "What did it smell like?"

    O: "It smelled like peaches!"

    Me: "Oh, really?"

    O: " Yeah, a little like peaches, a little like sand."

    humph - I think I should have just said, "thank you" and left it at that! :)


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