Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Roundup

This has been one of those "busy staying home doin' nothin'" kind of weeks. 

We've been making waffles, double batches, so we have some leftover to freeze. Waffles are delicious. 

It rained for two days and melted all our snow away, so the boys got to play outside. Baby B hasn't been outside for months (I have no snow mittens for him..... that's my excuse) and I found it ironic that we waited until there was no snow on the ground to put on his snowsuit so he could stay dry. I've tried three times to make that sentence flow better, and now I've given up. 

Don't judge his red snowpants with purple straps. We love hand-me-downs. Even hand-me-downs from girl cousins. 

He had so much fun playing outside, we had a hard time getting him back in the house. Would you like to see the progression of a toddler fit? 

Step One: Collapse on the ground and let out a wail.

Step Two: Fling yourself backward and try not to hit your head on the highchair or any other immobile objects.

 If that doesn't garner sufficient results, move on to Step Three: Roll over and kick your legs a couple times.

Step Four: Sit up and see if mom is still paying attention. Yep, she is, but she's also taking pictures, which is not the result we were hoping for. 

Step Five: Decide you're over it and use the highchair to help your abominable-snowman self back to an upright position. 

Step Six: Stand at the window for a long time until someone lets you back out.

There's a saying in north Idaho that goes "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change." So true. The next day it snowed again.

Rowan was outside by himself since everyone else was napping (when does that happen?) and every few minutes he would come and tap on the door requesting a new ingredient for his as-yet-unmade snowman. A carrot, some raisins for eyes, a chip for the mouth.... a mama to roll the snowman for him. The snow was really just a skiff, and not right for snowmen, but he wasn't discouraged. He says with a little grin, "Mama, you come watch me ride my bike on da ice?" That I can do. 

This week I cooked my first turkey ever. I didn't take a picture because it wasn't quite the shining moment I was hoping for. It was more reminiscent of the turkey from National Lampoon Christmas Vacation, where they cut it open and it shrivels into nothin'. Oh well, we used it for several meals and I got a big stockpot of broth out of it. Mishap redeemed! 

I made it to the dollar store to buy supplies for some of my organizing adventures. After staring at the bin of squeeze bottles for almost 20 minutes, I went home and stewed on it for a while before I drove myself back to the dollar store that night to get them. See, I'm not completely impulsive. Sometimes I think things through; although it would have been easier to buy them the first time. Just sayin' 

Now I have a small army of color-coded spray bottles to mix up cleaning products for every bathroom in the house and the kitchen. It makes me feel like all is right in the world. 

I've been intrigued by Shaklee for a while and I'm finally giving their cleaning products a trial run. I love that this organic concentrate can be used for windows, mirrors, counters, floors, appliances, walls... just about anything. And it literally only takes drops to mix up a whole bottle. It will last forever. 

Once I had my bottles filled, I felt inspired to finally get organized under my kitchen sink. I didn't take a before picture because I was sure it wouldn't be something I'd want to blog about. I was wrong. It's beautiful.

I cleaned out under all the bathroom sinks too and they are also gorgeous. Each one now has it's own little crate of cleaning bottles and a happy green basket filled with cleaning rags. I thought it was pretty smart to buy a ton of these blue washcloths specifically for bathroom cleaning; you know, so they wouldn't get mixed in with our regular wash cloths. However, I didn't think about the fact that I got them for about a quarter and they were made in China.... they leak blue dye like a sieve. Lesson learned.

We had a few boys with cabin fever this week, so we thought doing pushups might help. It wasn't very effective, but it was entertaining. I was glad I asked Grey to do a push-up before I sent him to karate for the first time... his form needs some work. 

We also turned a corner this week with the little guys. There are very few times that I can remember pinpointing exactly when they started doing something new, but this week I saw it. 

Rowan has always been fascinated with art supplies, but he has never used them.... appropriately. 

All that changed this week when he discovered painting.

He has been painting for hours, carefully rinsing his brush, never mixing colors, and never painting on his face or his brother's face. It's been awesome. 

Mr. B also suddenly developed an interest in play-doh. I've tried before to have him play with his brothers, but he usually just threw the toys off the table or grabbed the doh and ran away. All of a sudden, he is able to sit and play for 20 minutes at a time. 

Wow, imagine all the stuff I'll be able to get done with two boys who can be occupied with a structured activity! 

Like finishing the Second Annual Smackee Awards post. It's been on the backburner since the beginning of January, but I'm hoping to get it done this weekend. In case you missed the first Smackee Awards, you can see that post here


  1. Your boys are adorable! We have had over two feet of snow this past week but going out to play is a process with all the gear, for sure.

    I have been wanting to give Shacklee products a try for a while. Do you like them? I love your organization under then sink. I really need to do this too.

    Your photography is great!

  2. Do I ever remember quite a few of those "I don't want to come back in" meltdowns. Especially when they were soaked from being in the snow so long. Crazy little monkeys. :) And happy days when the little ones can find something that grabs their attention and won't let go. I'm sure you were doing a happy dance. Here's to a great weekend!

  3. I love your little organizer baskets for under the bathrooms!
    I usually trick my youngest into staying inside with me. It is just easier. I usually bribe him with some sort of tasty food product.

  4. Andrea, yes, so far I love them! I bought the basic H2 cleaner first, which can be used for just about anything. I liked it so well that I just placed an order for their disinfecting concentrate (for toilets and germy things) and for the paste that is guaranteed to clean just about anything: baked on oven grease, rust, soap scum, hardwater scale etc. I'll let you know how it goes, but so far so good.


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