Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Ideas for Toy Organizing

I haven't done my challenge for today.

However, I did spend a lot of time cruising through the linky party looking at everyone else's nicely organized play rooms and toy buckets. I thought I'd show you my favorites, and maybe you can get inspired too. And then you can organize your kids toys, and send me a link so I can come see it, and maybe I'll finally get my backside in gear and get the job done. Yeah, that'd be nice. Hop to it. 

This is from Hepworth Party of Six, a blog from another mom of four boys (ah, a kindred spirit!) who made me even more depressed that we don't have an Ikea closer. How AWESOME are these bins?! And wait till you see what they did on the top to make it a lego paradise. So incredibly clever. Click the picture to visit her blog and see the whole post. 

This is another idea for Lego organization. It hadn't even occurred to me until I read this post that our legos needed organizing, and it's got me thinking. Would my boys play better, and more imaginatively, with their Legos if I had them sorted either by color or function? I haven't even brushed my teeth today; when am I going to do that? BUT, it's awesome nonetheless. 

Click the picture to visit Sustainbly Chic Designs and read her post.

Iheartorganizing is sort of famous, so chances are good that you've seen this pic before. But nonetheless, I find it breathtaking. Click the pic for the post (are you sensing a theme?)

Surprise, surprise, that is more Ikea freaking furniture. I know all the units by title, dimensions, and descriptions now because I have been stalking their website. I could either pay for shipping (is it expensive... who has shopped there?) or I could see if a loving grandparent or two would like to entertain four quiet, peaceful, neat and tidy little boys for a weekend so J and I could take a ROADTRIP! It's only five hours away. 

Here's another one that I loved, and it's going to shock you, but Autumn at Space for Living used the Expedit system again. I think it's official; I love that shelf. Must have one. I'm a teensy bit jealous that she managed to find hers on Craigslist for cheap. My Craigslist is lame, I checked.

And lastly, our wonderful host for this incredibly hard organization marathon motivating three-weeks of organizing challenges, Toni at abowlfulloflemons, has done a fab job with her kids toys. I love her white storage unit. 

You will find some additional tips and tricks in her post for categorizing video games and DVD's. I think they might be for advanced organizers, so they don't apply to me, but I bet other Penelopies would like them. 

These were my favorites of the ones I saw, but there were over 100 entries so I'm sure I missed some in there. So who's up for toy organizing? 


  1. Thanks for featuring my post. I hope you are enjoying the challenges!! Toni

  2. I totoally blame my unorganized state on the fact that we do not have an Ikea. It's not my fault at all. We got our Costco - so Ikea should be coming to town soon. Here's to hoping!

  3. Toni, I was totally kidding~ yes, I am definitely enjoying the benefits of the challenges. In order to keep from stressing out in a big way, I'm probably going to make it more like 21 WEEKS of challenges and just do one at a time, but that's okay too! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  4. Oh man - I probably shouldn't tell you that I live 20 mere minutes from Ikea - yep, it's right across the street from the Mall of America. Since we live downtown, I can just walk a few blocks and ride the light rail there if I want to.

    I've been there 3 times since we've moved here this past August.

    Even so, I've not spent more than $20 in the joint (though I'd LOVE to drop some serious doh there!!).

    I have to get creative with my organizing - a lot of using what I have - thrifting and rehabbing furniture and finding bins/baskets/containers at the dollar store or target dollar spot.

    If I had the resources, you'd better believe I'd be creating that dream-of-a-playroom....that's pure eye candy to me! :)

  5. Strangely enough, Heidi, that makes me feel better. I tend to put off my organizing projects until I can buy "the right tools" which usually means it never happens. We are on a budget. I really need to get better at working with what I have.

    You live by the Mall of America?! Oh you lucky city girl. That's on our "visit someday" list.

  6. Aw! Thanks for the feature, I am blushing! :)


  7. Take the kids along! Mine LOVE Ikea. I'm actually trying to talk John into another road trip to Seattle to visit some friends, but Ikea will be a nice bonus of course. I am starting my shopping list now!

  8. Thanks so much for showing me some love & featuring my post! It was very sweet of you!



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