Monday, January 31, 2011


Thanks for letting me take a week off and still being here. I feel a lot less crazy, so that's a plus. 

I read a book, took some pictures, went out to lunch with my mom and sis, had a girl's night with some friends, scrubbed a few toilets, added to my list of embarrassing moments for 'fess up Friday, and received God's encouragement for my husband and me at a prayer meeting. It was a good week. 

Rowan had his first playdate at a friend's house (without me) and he loved it. After I picked him up I came home and my friend Selina  had already sent these pictures to me in an email. 

First a little yogurt for Lion.

Then a little yogurt for Rowan.

And then a little furniture adventure with Kaelah the Unicorn.

Ahhh, life's good when you're three. He also got to bring the costume home with him and I've had a hard time prying it off his body. Grey has been trying to play along, but his leopard impression sounds exactly like a cat hacking up a hair ball. For real. I thought he was choking the first time I heard it. 

Happy Monday! 


  1. What a adorable little lion! Who knew lions liked watermelon yogurt. We don't have that flavor down here. I might have to talk to the store about getting that Tillamook flavor in. I hope the little leopard sounds better by now. :) It takes them a few tries to get the right roar/growl.

  2. Oh yes, the life of a three year old. I want to be three again. Kaelah always wants to know if Rowans house is "open" or "closed". Love it!


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