Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I don't have a lot to say tonight.

My internet was down for a day, which is why I havn't posted my organizing challenge pictures. 

Okay, that is a lie.

I haven't posted my pictures because I haven't done the challenges. 

I am a flake. 

A flake who has had one urpy toddler (who cried all night), one feverish 6-year-old, a coughing body-achy husband drugged up on Nightquil, and a dragon to deal with. 

Rowan's been pretending to be a dragon for two solid days. It is a convenient cover story for just about anything he wants to do. 

Me: Rowan, why did you bite your brother?!
Rowan: Cuz' I a Nightfury. Dey bite. 
Me: Well, Nightfury did not bite Hiccup, he protected Hiccup. You should pretend that Brecken is Hiccup. 
Rowan: Nope, he not Hiccup, I gonna bite him. 

Me (a little while later): Rowan, you cannot shriek like that, the baby is sleeping!
Rowan: I not a Rowan, I a dragon. A dragon says RAAAAAAAAAARRGH!

Me: Rowan, you need to obey your mother.
Rowan: Dragons do not have mothers. 

It is much easier to just call him Dragon than argue the point. When Greyson was 3 he insisted on being called "Fast Jack on the Rock" for weeks. The first time I took him to preschool gymnastic class, I was sitting up in the grandstand and held my breath when I heard the teacher ask him his name. As he shouted that his name was "Fast Jack on the Rock," I looked around questioningly for that crazy child's mother.  

So calling a kid Dragon is really no big deal. 

I did get a happy-dance-worthy email today from Jessica Sprague announcing one-buck Wednesday was back. She makes me love Wednesdays. 

I picked up these kits today:

I thought those would make it easy to do quick little coupon books for my boys for Valentine's Day. Simple stuff like "This coupon entitles the bearer to: Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream" or "Story Time with Mom"

How fun are those? I'm sure I can find somewhere to use the following:

And lastly, I picked up The Girl Friday Elements for .99 

Because I live in a house full of boys. And sometimes you just need a little

On top of my organizing challenge, I'm also challenging myself to create one digital layout each week. This week I'm going to use my new digital stash. Hollah! 

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  1. girl, I wish we lived closer so you could give me some digi scrapping tutorials - those sets look SO fun!!

    and cut yourself some slack on the organizing too - you can still follow the 'plan' but spread it out to once a week rather than once a day - that's a lot to take on to organize, take photos AND blog about it (all while wrangling 4 monkeys! )

    Do what works for you, even if it's just a little at a time - progress is progress, right?



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