Friday, January 14, 2011

~Fess Up Friday: Early Arrivals and Sweet Tats

  • When I cleaned out my pantry this week, I found some seasoning packets that expired in 2004. 
  • I accidentally logged into my husband's Pandora account. He makes fun of my music choices, but he has an Amish Paradise channel. 
  • On New Year's Eve we invited some friends over with their kids. We were still hanging out at 2 a.m. when we discovered the bitter cold had made the roads nasty. So they stayed the night. The next day we made breakfast and hung out... and then we made lunch and hung out.... and then we played games and hung out all afternoon... until they finally decided they had to go home. Our New Year's Eve party lasted almost 24 hours~ boo-yah!  This makes up for all those years when I fell asleep before midnight. 
  • Karen Russell commented on my Clean Color post, and I may or may not have squeaked like a chipmunk. 
  • This is the first photo of me taken in 2011. Unfortunate, I know.

  • I was invited to a Wild Tree Tasting party. I'm not sure what that is, but I have a feeling it involves tasting something, spending money, and signing up to host your own party. On the appointed night I got myself ready, went and picked up my friend Selina, and drove to our other friend's house. All the lights were off and her house looked decidedly uninviting. Selina says, "Are you sure the party is tonight?" And I said, "I'm pretty sure... wait, what's the date? Is today the 18th?" Nope, it was not. We went to a movie instead.
  • I let my son cover himself with these sweet tats before going to school, including a green dragon on his neck. 

That's all I have to 'fess up this week; at least the stuff I'm willing to put on the world wide web. How'd your week go? 


  1. I spent an hour researching and writing up a post for my blog only to realize that I had already drafted up the same post. So now the post is super long because I felt like I had to combine both drafts to make myself feel better about completely waisting my time!

  2. I like Selina's confession:)! AND I like the Amish music choices--niiiiiice! See you can do that kind of thing in Idaho!


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