Friday, December 3, 2010

'Fess Up Friday: Lazy Elves and Cussing Trains

It's Friiiiiiday, and back by popular demand (okay, one person) it's time to fess up. I need to keep it real lest you people think I spend all my time creating photo collages and making graham crackers. This one's for you Dani :)

  • We decided to start the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year. It's a fun thing where this little elf hides somewhere in your house and reports back to Santa each night. You know he's reporting to the North Pole because the elf is in a different spot each morning. Yeah, our elf only made it two days before he flaked out and forgot to find a new spot. Whoops. 

  • Brecken got a new talking Thomas the Train toy from great-grandma for Thanksgiving. Every single thing he says starts with an oath of some kind. "Cinders and Ashes, it's dark in here!" or "Clattering Carriages, this is a bumpy road!" Thomas is a cuss face.

  • I waited until our pumpkins were a moldy pile of goo before finally throwing them out. While slightly embarrassing, I do think it helps keep the Kirby reps at bay.

  • My son, who shall remain nameless (but rhymes with potaydn), threw a rock through our bedroom window over a year ago. We would have gotten it fixed, but we're cheap we were enjoying the fresh air. We finally had to wuss out and put some cardboard over the hole when temps dropped below zero last month. That cardboard works pretty great... you know, aside from the ghetto factor.

  • Brecken got his first sharpie tattoo this week courtesy of his brother. The big black splotches all over his arms will not wash off, and now he looks like a baby sailor fresh into port. 

  • Greyson quotes of the week: 

  •          Daddy: "Grey, would you ever eat a squirrel?"
             Grey: "Only if there was a little tiny chicken inside it." 

             "Mom, did you know that when Jesus was born they wrapped him in special clothes and put him in a food bin?"

    • Last week I was relieved to discover halfway through the day that I hadn't gained 10 pounds overnight, I just had my underwear on sideways. 

    That's all I have to confess this week. I had a lot more written on my iPhone, but I accidentally deleted the note. That's probably for the best. 

    Perfection in motherhood is not a requirement, but the ability to laugh at your imperfections really helps. If YOU have anything you want to confess I would love to hear it.  Feel free to grab this button (copy and paste the code in the box) and write your own "Fess Up Friday" post. Just make sure and leave me a link in the comments so I can come visit! 



    1. aaah, you are so funny!! thanks for a sweet laugh this friday morning. and yes, i so left our pumpkins until i had to scrape them off the nasty.
      thanks for your sweet comment by the way, i commented back to you on my blog, but then realized you probably wouldn't read it.
      all that rambling to say, thanks! have a great friday. :)

    2. You guys are so funny! I must confess that the pumpkins I had out front for decoration just went out with the trash this week. They weren't carved but they froze solid and were darn heavy. It was so sad looking having those pumpkins sitting by the trash cans, just waiting. About the Sharpie matter, Brenna did that once and believe it or not baby wipes took the marks off completely. Kind of makes you wonder about those baby wipes. Otherwise try rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, squeezed out. That takes just about anything off safely. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

    3. Oh Kira, that's just hilarious! My confession is that my mom came over today because I was so excited to show her all my christmas trees and decorations that were up(took me almost two weeks)She said " everything looks so pretty Jen, but one suggestion, maybe you should take the fall wreath, pumpkins and scarecrows down on the front porch"

    4. Niiiiiice - sounds about like how some of our days go! :) If you ever run into perm. marker trouble again, try finger nail polish remover to get it off. :)

      Popp'n over to say 'hi' from a comment you left on 'It's Good to be Queen'. We're also prayerfully considering adoption of a little girl someday.


    5. I gotta tell you Kira I am still scratching my head and trying to figure out how you had your underwear on sideways! Love your confessions!


    I adore reading your comments; they bring sunshine to my day. Thanks for reading!


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